TEXT TOPIC: When were you at the right place at the right time?


used to live with my sister and I had a feeling to stay home. In the middle of the night I could smell gas and it ended up being a gas leak---her whole family was sleeping

we were in Hawaii in June at the beach and the waves started coming in hot. My little brother heard an 11-year-old boy screaming for help. He couldn’t swim and his dad was stuck in a riptide. My little brother saved that kids life

was suppose to be at school but ditched. Walked in on my friend with a shotgun to his head. Saved him that day. Right place right time.

when I was about 13 I was supposed to walk to a church group but I was chubby and lazy so I went to ask my dad for a ride and it turned out he locked his door and tried to over dose on pills. If I had left he would’ve died that night.

was in downtown Salt Lake at Temple Square, it was dark there wasn''t really anyone around. I was crossing the street and something told me to turnaround, I looked behind me and there was a six-year-old boy standing there by himself. He had been separated from his family. I was able to talk to him get his mom''s phone number, called her to come pick him up. The poor thing was freaking out.

I'm a flight attendant and I went for a jog in Seattle. I forgot my headphones (which I never do). I came upon a man following a young girl as she was The girl had a hoodie on and headphones on. She was clueless she was being followed. I ran faster to catch up and then when I passed the man he jumped into

happened to be driving by when my little neighbor girl was hit by a car. I was able to perform first aide. She's ok.

invited a friend to my reception he showed up when it was his last day of work which is down in Ogden wasn''t supposed to be able to make it. He madeit and now him and my best girl friend of 13 years are dating

When my dad was dying of cancer my younger brother missed the school bus & was able to call my mom that my dad was unconscious. Paramedics came & next day he died. Later on my brother said that my dad woke up from his coma and showed my brother my mom''s phone number to call for help. #Missyoudad

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