TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good August 20, 2018

First business trip this week. Movin up! #firstmillhereicome

I''m a voice-over guy and last week I got closer than I ever have to booking my first movie trailer! Just waitin to hear back from the trailer production company! So stoked!

GOOD NEWS! I''ve always felt like I''m crazy... I went to talk with someone & got diagnosed with OCD. That part sucks but I''m now getting treatment & feel amazing! Don''t be afraid to go talk to someone if you feel crazy! IT HELPS SO MUCH!

Baby girl is 10 months and walking. #babyboss #bosslikemommy #prouddad #byyyeeeeee

hubbys 1st day of work-been unemployed for 6 months, hubs last 1st day of school!!!!

starting my masters degree after work today and have a promotion interview this morning, ready to crush it!

My son starts his first day of college today. Wishing him luck on his first day.

my good news is I have a second interview today for 2 jobs. If I get either of them, no more commuting to sl every day

it''s my Marine husbands birthday! And he surprised me and will be home for it. If you guys end up with extra Sam smith tickets he LOVES him and it would be a cool present!

I finally choked the price down and bought my first brand new dodge diesel truck. 61,000. I'm 43, never thought I would be this successful in life

My daughter starts veterinary medical school today at Utah State!

Good news after being a temp since December finally got hired on today

finally got my FanX tickets and shirt and got it all registered with the FREE photo I won yay

something good. School starts on Wednesday. I have a 2nd grader who is counting down the days. So is mama.

after 3 failed engagements, my sister got married to her literal dream guy this weekend. i've never cried so hard at a wedding before in my life

First day back to school! Go Kearns Cougars!

paid off a credit card with a huge balance! Feels good!

Flying to Nashville Friday to see TayTay in concert! Now THATS something good!

Found out I''m pregnant after 3 years of TTC. Got a new job after being told I was going to get fired and my husband just got a promotion. Blessings coming just when I needed it.

today is the first day of school and my outfit is kick'in

Got married last week. Start new job today.

military husband comes home tonight after a month gone so excited

got married this weekend to my love of 10 years

Its my birthday and I get the keys to my new home today. Happy birthday to me!

it's my first wedding anniversary this week! Woo hoo

I'm flying to Seattle for the first this week and get to go see Ed Sheeran!!!!!

listing my first house this week

work 6 days a week and just got home from 4 days in Yellowstone. Definitely needed vacay first time off in over a year.

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