TEXT TOPIC: What do you miss now that it's gone?

Utah summer nights, esp. for camping! Summer nights in Oklahoma are muggy and nasty!

I think everyone can agree that you don't appreciate TP till it's gone and you need it ..

I run a dog care business and often have anywhere from 7 to 12 dogs at my house and when I don’t have any clients over I miss the crazy and busyness of all the extra furry bodies around

miss my 1985 350X Honda 3 Wheeler!!

my gun.. A week after I sold my gun our job site was robbed I was waiting for a new gun

sold my first mustang to buy a newer better one. my wife reminds me all the time how she liked it better and how many memories we had with it

my pop socket on my phone! I got rid of an old phone case with one on it and didn’t realize how much I needed one until I didn’t have one. It’s a lifesaver with a large phone!

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