TEXT TOPIC: Did you get out of a ticket?

got pulled over in sardine canyon and officer asked where I was headed and I said the hospital so he said oh you have family there? And I said no I work for the cancer center and he said slow down a little and thank you for all you do for the community

my ma got out of ticket she cried and said son got shot twice which is true and he is okay thank God

Got pulled over in wyo for speeding. The cop seen in window decal which supported my cousins TBI injury. And the cop just gave us a warning

Got pulled over on the way to Bear Lake. 55 in 40. No ticket. Forgot my license but have my # memorized. He was nice.

got pulled over and got out of the ticket because the cop was out of printer paper.

was headed up to Utah state and I got pulled over and he asked where I was headed and after I told him, he took my information and then came back and said I''m going to let you off because you''re a college student who probably doesn''t have money.

got pulled over last week going 10 over. Right when he came up to my window I informed him I had my CCW permit and my weapon was in my purse. He was happy

my dad works in federal law enforcement so I always drop that fact and I've never gotten a ticket when I've mentioned him. #bestbrowgirl

got pulled over late at night with my kids in the car. Cop ran the wrong plate and thought I had warrants. Scary moment for sure.

got pulled over and the office came over and yelled at me and then stormed off. I thought he was going to check my plate and he got in his car and drove away! Still have never got a speeding ticket.

I've been pulled over 11 times and I've gotten out of every single one of them. It drives my husband crazy

I was pregnant when I got pulled over last, the officer saw how pregnant I was and said "kids are always making us late!" Have a good day lol

Driving my 76!year old mom in her car. No clue her registration was 6 months out of date. Totally deserved the ticket but the officer let me off because it wasn''t my car. And he felt sorry for me because of my clueless mom. Damn car is registered now!

typically i get out of tickets because there are so many violations they don't feel like doing the paperwork is what I feel

got pulled over he saw That I had my twin 2 year olds and just warned me to please slow down

got pulled over, officer said he clocked me going 60 in a 45 I asked to see the proof on the radar gun. He couldn''t provide it. Told me to slow downand have a nice day! Yay!

cop followed me the entire way to work (5mi). I was so nervous I had this cheesy smile on. He said he''d let me off the hook becuz he never deals with happy ppl.

went to high school with the cop, didn't get a ticket! So kids be kind to everyone in school

no seat belt. But he let me go cause I told him I was running late for work!

got pulled over and immediately put both hands out the car window when the police officer approached, I said please don''t shoot me I''m black. I was stopped for a head light being out, a rolling stop and I didn''t have my license (I also gave him my memorized number). I think I shocked him with my natural fear for my life so I got a warning.

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