TEXT TOPIC: Does someone take pics or vids of you without you knowing?

My mom always takes pictures when I''m eating, she is trying to take pictures of my son but I''m always in the background eating in every picture! Thanks Mom!!

It's me. Group pics, I pull the funniest face send it in the family group text.

An annoying friend who always invites herself. Took a picture of me eating a hot dog...not flattering! Tags them on Facebook. Even announced a pregnancy with pictures on FB that had nothing to do with her. Parents hadn''t even announced!

my sister an brother-in-law take pics of everyone when we are eating or getting ready in the bathroom. They send it to us after an send it in group emails an think it''s hilarious.

I do this lol. I could make a flip book of pictures of my sister eating or mid talking with a messed up face.

my kids will take pics on Snapchat and make a sticker out of the dumb face you are making

My sis takes unflattering photos & vidz of me & posts them on social to make herself feel better about herself. She only posts her BEST filtered photos

MY MOM! She does this all the time and she puts them on Facebook! I can't stand it. And she knows it but still does it!

My Kids! They love to take pics & videos without me knowing. Then post them to show how "funny" I am.

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