TEXT TOPIC: What do you do to keep your kids entertained on the plane?

took our 18 month old to UK from SLC. Cotton balls or ear muffs for the pressure changes and new toys they haven't seen and lots of snacks worked for us

I’ve taken my almost 2 year old sawyer on a few flights and long car rides and my advice is to firstly not stress out too much. Most kids do better than you think and you can only control so much. His binky helped so much with the pressure but a bottle or snacks will work good too. All my rules on the plane are different. I let him have candy or treats he usually doesn’t get, watch downloaded movies on the Netflix app, etc. He has always done great

muffled headphones for you. If you can't hear them they aren't a problem.

just got back from Hawaii with three kids under 5. Entertain the crap out of them: books, stickers, activities, movies, everything. Make it fun and don''t expect them to sleep, because they won''t.

Benedryl..yea I said it!!

Flew to Germany and back with 7 yo, 3 yo, and 19 mn old. Lots of snacks, favorite toys, melatonin to help sleep longer.

handed out ear plugs to everyone around me just in case.

if you can afford an extra seat you can take the car seat on the plane and have the baby sleep in the car seat so you don’t have to hold them the whole time.

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