TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! August 13, 2018

my good news: after 9 years my hubby and I eloped last Monday

I get married Saturday!!!

something good, I cut off all my hair and was able to donate more than 14 inches to "Wigs for Kids"

Caught my first fish on a fly rod last night. Now I'm hooked.

it's the first day of school! I'm in my 11th year of teaching and I love it just as much now (if not more) than I did when I first started.

I'm getting married to my girl of 5 years on Friday. So excited!!!

good news!!! My coworker and BEST friend is back today after being gone all last week!

told my fianc that I'm pregnant. I was nervous but he is so excited!

my something good, just found out our frozen embryo transfer took after 2 years of trying

Our 4th child with 11 years between #3 and this one will be born tomorrow

I want to send a call out to Christopher Merrick! Who's getting married next month and the bachelor party is going on a cruise!

Leaving for a vacation in Singapore tomorrow

husbands hours were certified, we get to buy a house!

my little sister got married this weekend and went to see Newsies on Saturday for their first part of their honeymoon

my 12 year old won her soccer championship and got her braces off!

my IVF baby is now a year and a half

I''m a single mom & work 2 Jobs. Just found out I have a good credit score again. Made my day. I''m happy to show my kids that hard work does pay off.#Grateful

adopted sweet Newton! That was the best good thing this week! Gina

something good: this Friday is my husband and i's first anniversary!!

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