TEXT TOPIC: Did you marry the same spouse more than once?

my older sister had married my brother in law three times, and she's only 26.

my coworker has married the same guy twice this chick is weird. Sense of humor as dry as the Sahara desert. I requested a different seat just to move further away from her.

my parents were married/divorced 3 times

my parents got remarried after being divorced for 15 years

my grandparents got divorced after five years for 1 year and now have been married for almost 55 years

I know a couple who had an ugly divorce where they even appeared on a Jerry Springer type talk show for cheating and ended up remarrying years later. It''s been years and they’re still together.

My sister got married to her ex three times. The first time they were married for three years, then were divorced for two months before they remarried, then it was maybe 6 months before they got their next divorce, married again and they lasted a whole month and a half before getting divorced again! They did it for their son even though he ex was an abusive piece of poo.

I''m remarried to my first husband. Got divorced at 23, never saw each other for 13 years, ran into each other again, dated for 4 years and have been remarried for 12 years. He''s my soulmate

me. I did. Married. Annulled. Married again 3 months later. 4 years later. Divorced. Never again.

my parents were married had 3 kids got divorced. Got remarried had my sister and me and got divorced again. They are both married to different people now

my neighbor. She got divorced from her husband and he knocked up his new gf. while his new gf was pregnant he knocked up his ex wife. They’re back together now

My Aunt married guy A, divorced, then married guy B, divorced and married Guy A again, then divorced again.

my husband and I have been married twice! We have two perfect little boys and are good now!

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