TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Stop asking if I REALLY need the (conference) room I booked and why it's none of your business why I have to use the conference room as a mother's room...

to my ex do your share of picking up and dropping off and quit acting like a spoiled brat I'm tired of having to do all the running around

if you're listening to audible at work. At least put headphones in. No one wants to hear your lame book

if you are mad at me fine but man up and tell me why!

I understand getting a puppy was my idea but that doesn't mean I don't need your help taking care of him.

just because I m a step mom doesn t mean I m evil

you are a nasty horrible excuse for a mother. Any mother that would do anything she can to keep her son away from his father is a piece of crap

Mom and Dad you need to butt the hell out and let us raise our son the way we see fit without all your criticism.

I have a degree and experience in the field. stop giving me the grunt work and telling me I''ll move up when you keep me where I am and never even give me a chance to try.

I'm getting married in October and my father in law calls every day to get new details. I just want to tell him to show up and shut up!

hey lady, we are work, not church! This is not sacrament meeting so shut up! Stop talking about church and crying at work it's weird and uncomfortable

get off my back about every little thing. If you want something done ask nicely, don't just get all Mad and make me dislike you. I am open to kind

our company work party is optional which means not required &I'm sorry but my child's swim lessons top ur fake conversations boss sorry not sorry

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