TEXT TOPIC: What big noise or event did you sleep through?

slept right threw the plane crashing into his own house early yesterday morning. Didn't even know about it at all until about 11am yesterday

grandpa took us to see Jurassic Park 3. He ended up sleeping right through it!

My dad slept through the Cirque De Soile show in Vegas.

slept through rolling off of my top bunk and hitting my face on the corner of my dresser and putting the big hole through my bottom lip

Now that I'm older and have kids I can't sleep through a mouse farting

lived in Cali and would sleep through all the earthquakes doesn't matter how big they were I'd be fast asleep :)

was sleeping on a couch at a friends out and slept through someone breaking in through the window right above me. Woke up to my friend crying and screaming after the guy climbed over me and left through the window.

8 years old. Driving to Ephraim Utah with my dad. Fell asleep and dad hit a deer. Didn't even flinch

My little brother sleeps through anything; earthquakes, fire alarms, home alarms etc. he was asleep on my bedroom floor one night when I knocked my alarm clock off the side table RIGHT ONTO HIS FACE. Dude didn’t...even...budge..

my husband giving birth to a kidney stone. He hasn't let me live it down. What was I suppose to do. Lamaze? Breathe baby breathe? LOL

slept through a hotel fire alarm in Vegas. My friends even pounded on the door before they were forced to leave.. my 6 year old daughter didn’t wake up either! The apple doesn''t fall far from the tree! I was told the alarm went off for about an hour!

from California. In '94 i slept through the big Northridge 6.7 magnitude earthquake! Woke up to messy house lol

actually slept thru the movie the Meg. Slow dialogue. My bf woke me up cause I was snoring

sleep threw any and all damn alarms! One of my friends say I sleep like the dead!

through hotel fire alarm wife woke me up as I came to jumped up ripped alarm off the ceiling then realized it was the main alarm thank u wife

Slept through my labor woke up to the dr yelling at me to push

my 8 year old son slept through an entire thunderbird show. How do you do that?

Lady in front of me slept through Boyz II Men concert. She finally woke up when Shawn was trying to throw me a rose but it hit her in the face instead.

yet to find something I can't sleep through. Earthquake, fire alarm yelling people, crying babies. I've slept through it all When I'm out I'm out

my sister slept through the smoke detector a log fell out of those stove and it was going off for 40 minutes she was two feet away from the fire

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