TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Do you travel to people's homes?

used to work for a cable company, drank from a customers open bottle of fireball. Could barely talk when I tried to explain the services. Safe to say I no longer work there

Handyman and I got a call for a clogged toilet (thinking great knee deep in someone else’s poop) well I get there no poop but toilet won’t flush. I snake it and I pull out a pot pipe then another and finally a third. The tenants were like how there’s no one here that smokes pot. I just told them glass pipes don’t flush

case manager for public housing in SLC. I refuse to sit down while visiting homes. Coworker brought back bed bugs to our office and her home from visiting a client.

if you order delivery and are a jerk we will knock louder to annoy you and get their slower.

own a laundry service business. When cleaning out this clients husbands laundry I found condoms room keys and mini bottles. you guys know him too

Delivery driver here. People answer their door naked or just wearing a towel all the time.

Appliance delivery, don’t leave delivery guys alone in your kitchen... food will go missing

my dad can home to our pool guy and his wife in our hot tub. They had completely made themselves at home. They thought we were all out of town.

I work for a well-known parcel delivery company. When packages can be delivered and the shipper says to destroy the package we''re supposed to actually destroy the package. We destroy it all right. By taking home whatever Goods are "damaged"

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