TEXT TOPIC: As a vet, what struggles do you deal with each day?

driving down the freeway seeing any bags, trash puts my husband on edge. He was a Army driver hit a road side bomb, went off 3 seconds after they passed

veteran and father of two. In school but feeling like I don't have a purpose. Working towards that purpose but just a little aimless.

my dad-Navy Vietnam vet. Recently retired, watches tv all day..documentaries, etc. Has had multiple surgeries since retiring..now addicted to pain pills.

my husband struggles with anger, our kids have become the trigger. If they act out in any way it set him off. It''s a daily struggle and we work at it every day. The vet center offers free individual as well as marriage and family counseling for veterans. One of the best resources we have discovered.

I am an Air Force Vet. I have PTSD and Agoraphobia. I rarely leave my house. I can't handle traffic or people & it is hard for family/friends to understand.

served 2 to Afghanistan, in a little over a week it will be 7 years since I survived a truck bomb blast. Triggers anxiety every anniversary.

my husband is a 13 year veteran. Served tours both to Afghanistan and Iraq. He struggles with anger as well as PTSD, depression and social anxiety. We are currently in marriage counseling and take parenting classes to manage the symptoms. It is a daily struggle.

I'm one of 3 in my squads that didn't get shot, blown up or killed. I had two Marines die in my arms. Survivors guilt sucks

my dad was a Tank driver in Vietnam and had a horrible experience of watching his best friend die by get rolled over by tank

both my parents in the military mom went over I have full of times throughout her career and still today struggles with loud sounds like fireworks or cars backfiring anything that pops really loud without a warning it’s really startles her and will sometimes put her in a panic attack

friend deployed 2 times to Iraq. Came back & couldn't cope. Tried talking to him, & he said "if I told u the things I had to do, U would hate me"

husband just retired after 18 years in the ARMY. 7 deployments later and he still has PTSD. There''s an amazing local company that has created a supplement that has 100% helped him. It''s called NXT SET. Every soldier should take it. The owner is amazing and would be more than happy to come on the show.

We have a friend who is a vet and he cannot handle fireworks. He hates the 4th of july.

best friend has ptsd. Was nearly blown up by an ied. Road debris and fireworks set it off.

So many things trigger my PTSD. Driving in heavy traffic, driving a motor cart in a store, running into people I know, loud smacks, any heavy violence on TV

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