TEXT TOPIC: Who is the scary driver in your family?

my damn sister cause she will text and be driving off the road and just laugh

according to my mother im the bad driver but in my defense when she rides with me ,I somehow drive worse and am nervous, so it's her fault

my husband is scary to drive with. When we were first married I use to hide my face because I was embarrassed that he yelled or chased people in the car. Now he just honks all the time.

My dad is awful to drive with. He is so angry and ragey and speeds up and breaks the whole time. I have anxiety just thinking about it. Rental cars for us when we visit papa

my mom she will hit the curb even if it's across the road. She didn't "see" the big yellow pole at Walmart.

my dad is the worst! Speeds, doesn’t stop til the last possible minute, and calls people names gives them the bird when he doesn’t like their driving. He is the worst to do road trips with.

my brother is the worst driver. He's in his 20's drives in the gutter, speeds around corners when he turns so I am holding on to the oh s*** bar

my father-in-law, I can't watch when he's driving he gets too close to people or swerves within the lane

My sister-in-law's sister is not allowed to drive family anywhere! She has totaled at least 6 cars in 10 years.

family member who has had her neck fused & has no range of motion.

My sister-in-law Liz and my sister-in-law Andrea are terrifying to drive with. Liz has road rage like nobody's business. Adria has a Lead Foot. Scary

Its me, I can fall asleep while driving and will look at my husband when I drive and swerve in and out of my lane, he won't drive with me

my step father hes got schizophrenia and hears voices. I will not ride with him because he argues with him self has already been in an accident and refuses to get help or realize he has a mental illness he believes the goverment had been harassing him mentally

My ma is scary driver. She runs stops signs. She drinks and drives drunk. Apparently it's her thing now

my sis in law. Not because she is scary, but because she is such a sissy. Drives 5-10 under everywhere...

My ex mother in law used to drive with both feet one on the brakes and one on the gas. So you are always speeding and then braking forno reason. So scary

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