TEXT TOPIC: What are you insecure about when it comes to your spouse?

Wife always makes mmmmmm sounds to singers voices and I'll never sound that good or be that rich

this girl that im seeing is absolutely in love with paul walker, to the point where she crys when she sees him in a movie, even tho he has passed away im still very insecure with all that, lol she bas a framed poster of him in her bedroom

I'm insecure because I'm infertile. Even after 3 rounds of IVF, I'm unable to give my husband biological children. I'm scared he'll resent me one day

I feel like my husband is so smoking hot and when we are in public together, i feel a little insecure because I don''t feel like i am. Im not ugly but I''m not WOW like he is

My parents were poor but my hubs came from $$. I'm super insecure about how much $ I spend on things for him and his fam

I'm insecure that my husband can talk to anyone and I'm just over in the corner having social anxiety! I wish I could have a convo with random people.

i'm insecure about being intimate with my husband with the light on because I'm a little overweight and don't like my body.

my husband is really good at math! I still have to count on my fingers sometimes. I dont like doing math around him.

recently lost 45lbs and I'm worried my hubby doesn't find me attractive anymore

My Depression...

I'm insecure about all the fancy ladies my husband interacts with in person and on LinkedIn his profession.

that my hubby has been married before & has kids. I have 1 & we have 1 together but its that hes still tied to other women.

feeling slightly insecure bc I just found out my boyfriend usedto be a swinger when he was married

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