Seizure dog for Isaac

A year ago last June Isaac was put on hospice. We were told he wouldn’t make it to Halloween. He was declining quickly. His autonomic dysfunction was shutting down and he wasn’t getting good circulation to his brain or the rest of his organs. Last August we gathered the family to say their goodbyes. We thought we only had days. Here we are over a year later and Isaac is still with us and doing well. We can’t explain how or why he is still with us, other than an answer to many prayers on his behalf. He is our ongoing miracle. After a year of uncertainty and fear, we attended a Dravet Conference in Colorado. We were given the hope and strength to live again. Live like Isaac is going to live. Live for the rest of our kids. One of Isaacs greatest desires is to get a dog. A seizure/multipurpose service dog will be able to help many aspects of Isaac’s life. Isaac is now 12 years old and still sleeps in mine and my husbands bed every night because of seizures. Our hope is with a seizure dog he will be able to sleep with his seizure dog, knowing the dog will alert us to seizures or if he stops breathing. Because of precocious puberty, Isaac has many difficult behavior issues such as aggression, anxiety, and anger to name a few. He likes to take out that aggression on his siblings or random children who get too close to him in public. He has OCD, sensory processing issues, and many other behavioral and neurological issues we deal with daily. A multipurpose service dog can also help with his autism and these other issues. The dog would be trained in pattern interrupt, soothing, comforting, etc. Isaac is also a runner. The dog will be trained to try to stop him or alert us. Other Dravet families with service dogs for their children notice a decrease in seizures and significant improvement in behaviors. If this dog is able to even provide one of these things for Isaac, giving him a better quality of life, it will be worth it!

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