TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Utah drivers, speed limits and traffic laws still apply to the HOV lane!!!

money does not buy you love. Material things does not mean love. He''s using you for your money and for some reason you don''t see that. You loves your money and not you .

Dear Bro & fam- stop sulking. You quit your job & now you can't go on multiple vacations every summer. Boo-hoo no one feels sorry for you

To all you who abused the whole getting an emotional Support Dog just so that you can have it in your apartment, YOU SUCK! I needed one of these dogs and it''s now impossible to get a doctor to sign the papers because of you jerks!

Y'all need to learn to drive, stop cutting people off every second.

Sweetheart, stop talking about your favorite kind of vodka at work. It''s super unprofessional especially since you''re 18. But maybe that''s why you can never be on time. Shut the f up!

I know your young(ish) but it''s time to pull up your big girl panties and do your job. Quit whining about your job, batting your eyes to get othersto do your work, and avoiding things you don''t want to do. Grow up princess!!

your really big and complain about it but aren''t willing to do anything about. All the friends are sick of listening to your wt excuses - we aren''t going to not plan trips around being active because you just want to stay inside eat and take a nap. Just cause you don''t care about your health doesn''t mean we don''t care about ourselves

hey boss, PUT THE SEAT DOWN & WASH YOUR HANDS. Nasty boy.

To my sister. Discipline your child. When they spill lemonade all over someone at a party, punch people, watch his sister in the face, etc don t laugh and teach your kid that s okay. You are raising a monster

Just because you and your wife are swingers. Doesn t mean every girl that walks by you wants to participate in your reindeer games. Plus you are way to cocky, considering you have a beer belly and a ugly personality. Check yourself.

I'm tired of doing your job because your too worried about your drug habit #getoveryourself

hey u ingrate 40+yo bro in-law, when ur living off of ur parent, help around the house, she’s old, she’s not ur maid/ur bank, u have the audacity cussing her off after everything she’s done for u, grow up&grow some balls&get the F Out!!!

Hey FYI your child support doesn’t go towards my needs it goes towards your child’s needs like food, school registration etc. Get a life & thank goodness for ORS!

dear boss I hope you regret giving that ungrateful a-hole a raise over me! Clearly he didn't appreciate it since he's been talking shiz on you ever since.

If you are going to brainwash OUR child to hate me, at least show your face so I can punch you in it!! Parental Alienation is WRONG! Utah needs rights for LGBT non bio moms!

you're a bad step dad and partner. Each day i get closer to walking away

Before having kids i would watch everyone’s kids for free and volunteered. Especially when they needed a break or date. We’ve now adopted kids and everyone charges us even to watch t them just to go to a movie.

stop trying to compete with me. We are sisters why do we need to compete with each other. You're 7 years older. Grow up

Bragging about not having any life plans does not make you a free spirit, it makes you an idiot. That's why your 24 and already gone through a bankruptcy.

little sis stop with the inspirational posts about overcoming trials and becoming a better person. You're 20 live at home and have no problems.

No, no we dont want to buy your over priced candy bar for your gross sons bills, he can work like the rest of us can.

Look, I bought you the bins, the least you can do is come pick them up. I'm not driving 40 minutes to drop them off.

stop complaining when I buy our kids new things for school instead of making them use hand me downs they hate. You're not even paying for it.

at work can everyone just be like me? Work! Follow up! Get your SH done! I'm sick of making excuses for the team, I'm gonna start pointing fingers.

Dear Coworker, maybe if you''d stop spending your time kissing up to our boss you could actually get some work done

there''s a reason you''re an ex boyfriend, stop being a psycho and leave my wife and I alone. It''s been 4 years, you are just making yourself look crazy. Sheesh!

maybe instead of buying your employees energy drinks and crappy pizza you actually do something to show your gratitude for their hard work, then maybe we wouldn''t have people quitting every week

dear anyone thinking about stealing from a store , don''t do it when this store is closing that''s when we''re all on high alertOf course we''re going to catch you don''t be stupid

just because your pregnant doesn't give you a right to be a bitch to everyone. Oh and p.s it doesn't make you handicap either

STOP acting like everyone likes you!! No one in my family likes you!! You are the fakest person I have ever met!

You complain about how alone you are. But what are you actually doing to form relationships? Yeah you're full of crap. Grow some balls. #ForeverAlone

you're a whiney, weak woman. We all know you love the attention but you're annoying. Buck up buttercup.

don't tell me how to discipline my son dad! I was there for your discipline and my boy deserves better than you

Mom you need to back off and let us raise our son without your constant criticism, you have no idea how close you are to us not letting you see him anymore

Take the lower paying job until you can get something else. Your poor wife works her ass off. If your not working at least clean the house.

dear work. Unless things dont change i will sue your butt, for unpaid wages i dont come to work for 40+hours to only get paid 20

wanted to say, "I heard you" to the person that txt last week about having a space heater on at work. I stopped turning it on.

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