TEXT TOPIC: Are you getting ready to quit your job? Why?

i work in construction and people are quitting left and right because of money and politics. I might be next.

I'm quitting cuz my new boss and team are casting me and my "previous team" out

I'm a delivery driver. Work 6days/70 hours a week. I help out by working that much but now my boss just expects it. Driver shortage sucks!!

I audit dealerships and our tablets have GPS and my boss will say "I noticed you sat at a McDonald''s for 4 minutes" , you need to clock out for that

quitting job after 6 yrs of only seeing my pay decrease. I work harder and get paid less. Bad boss/business period

I work for a construction company and I''m quitting because the bosses can''t bounce a check book and we as employees have had our last 12 paychecks bounced.

drive a garbage truck. Tired of the company I'm with hiring drivers with no experience at the same pay as me. Tired of the family family-owned BS

I am planning on quitting to get away from all the drama. When all everyone does is argue, it’s time to move on

I''m a massage therapist and looking to quit since my work doesn''t offer any benefits package at all. I need health insurance and I ain''t getting younger.

work in insurance. I'm just done with sales. My income will decrease upon the new year

looking to quit because I've been here 12 years and a great employee yet new employees get treated better. Time to move on.

I'm a medical assistant, my office has gone downhill the past couple months. My hours have been cut drastically and my manager is s raging bitch! I'm out!

ready to quit my job due to my manager who micro managed and belittles everyone to give him more power. Only staying for yearly bonus

getting ready to put my two weeks in. Doctor is so rude and has too many patients and not enough staff. Hello safety issues

not me, but my partner. Server, loves his job. But is about to start school, and a grocery store chain opened much closer to home and school, and the starting pay is like $4 better

new kid making $1 more an hour than me after 5 years. I have other reasons to leave but thats the last straw

quitting my job after 8 yrs. all of the sexual advances my boss makes towards me is not worth the $ I am making.

want to quit i work all holidays and all weekend s. Been at the company over 20 years. Im 40 i make less than 20/hr. Getting paid for my time not my worth

have to work rotating weekends and holidays as a drive for a big company and they always ask for more

Division Trainer, system tester and the catch all of whatever nobody wants to do. I do the work of 5 daily and not paid my worth. Im only 1 person that has to train all offices and 3rd party contractors throughout the State.

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