TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! August 6, 2018

my a-hole husband is going out of town today for a week!

On Friday I went into contract on my first home

just got on helping coach the boys basketball team at Juan Diego. My dream job of being a couch is getting underway!

it's good your back, that makes Monday better

had an interview for my dream job on Fri. in one county and another for the same job in a diff county tomorrow YAY

left a company after almost 18 years and I'm now going on my 4th week with a new company and j couldn't be more happy! PS. I missed you guys last week!!

only have 4 more weeks till I have my baby!!!

went to my 20 yr high school reunion and got to see the one person I wanted to see that I haven't seen in 10 years.

got a call from Kim in your office, I won tickets to the iheart music festival. Woohoo I've never won anything before.

YOU GUYS ARE BACK!! Mornings just aren't the same without u

my wife and I just took our concealed carry class! With today's day and age it's better to be safe than sorry!

got promoted to take over the 5th largest store in our company! Starts today! Can't wait!

Something good. My 16 year old daughter has been seizure free for 2 months! Hoping she is on the road to recovery. #Blessedtobehermom

got a new job at SLCC and it’s 5 min away from my apartment and got a pay raise as well! Can’t wait to help these students who decide to go to the new Herriman Campus!

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