TEXT TOPIC: Did your kid call you out?

While pregnant my son called me out in front of my husband about getting donuts every morning while he was at work

My teens always say mom we only have one parent. Stop texting and driving

my daughter recently called me out for going to the gym too much and spending less time with her

My 7 year old twin daughters been calling me out lately every time a song accidentally comes on from my playlist with bad words. They both yell out ''Swear Jar'' ultimately charging me one quarter per cuss word. #DadLife

my 2yr old sounds just like Axel. He told me "set phone down" he wanted me to read a book with him. Same thing with the early tantrums too!

when I go to beans and brews my kids (4 and 2) always get suckers. I get in "trouble" for my frequent stops so we don’t tell day. Until one day while driving "mom always gets a sucks from there everyday"

both my kids call me out and say "when are you going to lose your fat tummy

my 4 YO asked for a drink of my mtn dew, I said no buddy it's not good for you. He said, then why do you drink it??

told my 4 year old son I love him and his sis more than they love me. Kinda just playing. He said "No you dont." I said "Yes I do." He said "if you love us more then why do you yell at us?" My heart sunk... I never realized how me raising my voice can be so intimidating

My 4yr old told me...Mom, your boobs are too big for that shirt...Haha I ended up changing into something else

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