TEXT TOPIC: Were you horsing around with your kid and they got hurt?

Were you horsing around with your kid and they got hurt?

I was holding my little boys hands and spinning my him around. Next thing I knew I pulled his wrist out of the socket. Lucky I had a sister who would get her shoulder out and I knew how to just pop it back in. I felt really bad

water balloon fight with my kids, my son took a hard shot at my face so I threw one at his butt as he was running away and he turned around and crouched last second and caught a blow to the face. I thought he was going to have a black eye... thank god he didn t. Oops.

my wife's uncle was holding his five-year-old boy's hands and Swinging them around in circles and hit the chair and broke the kids femur

spinning our 6 you by his arms and dislocated one of his elbows. He felt so bad!

jumping on the trampoline with my daughter. I bounced her and she flew off the tramp & fractured her foot.

When my son was little, I tossed him about across the room onto his bed. He bounced off the bed, into the wall and back. Cried AND laughed!

My ex-was playing with my son on the bed when he was 18 months old..he fell off the bed, broke his elbow. He had to have emergency surgery

launches my son off my feet like a rocket landed on his next thought I just paralyzed him but he bounced up just had a sore neck never again!

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