TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that blocked you from social media?

my sister in law blocked me because everyone confronted her about inviting my husbands ex girlfriend to a family party.

my daughter has me blocked on Facebook and snapchat, she doesn't want me to see her stuff due to language, and how she acts.

Blocked my older sister from social media for wanting to stay with my ex wife during a visit to Utah instead of with me and my new girlfriend.

My whole family, they are nothing but drama!!

my dad! Never saw much of him growing up and when I got old enough to hold him accountable he blocked me

my niece. Because I liked a comment someone posted on her post on Facebook. It disagreed with her statement. The baby.

I blocked my sister because she cant think outside of what her church tells her to think

blocked the in-laws on social & real life. Long story. I don't need terrible people in my life

I blocked my narrow minded cousin; he calls people names when they disagree with him politically

on Facebook my sister thanked those in her family for being in the military,except for me. I commented about excluding me. She deleted the message and blocked me.

blocked my husband's whole family from social media. Couldn't handle all their illiterate grammar errors. Didn't want to be dumb by association.

I have all of my aunts kids and grandkids blocked. They dissed my mom and acted like jerks, so I dismissed them from my life.

i blocked mom in Las once cuz she wants2tel me wat2do w/mykids&I bottled up til I popped

blocked my gma and aunt, they are total online bullies and attacked my whole family via FB, super immature

blocked husbands aunt. I posted a pic of us at Tuacahn in St George (wearing a tank top) she commented "looks fun, but I don't see your garments under that

blocked my sister...she just posted way too many dumb quiz results and attention seeking selfies

family all has to block crazy grandpa on FB always sending weird things and new profile cause he keeps getting locked out They’ve blocked 10 profs

blocked my crackhead aunt! All she does is bitch and moan about everything and aire her and everyone else's dirty laundry. It's a downer.

blocked my entire extended family on Instagram cause they would call my mom and tell her my rave outfits are inappropriate. I''m 21, live in my own and pay my own bills...

I've blocked my brother because I don't like him and I don't want him to find me

My oldest brother will block/delete you from all socials if you disagree with him. He lives in Europe so it''s our only way to keep up with him so it''s leverage for him. Mature.

blocked my mother-in-law. I''ve been married to my husband for two years and she has never taken her nose out of our business not too long ago she picked a fight with me online so I blocked her no shame!

my sister in law blocked me for taking her step daughter shopping without her permission

My cousin. She was posting too much Bieber

Had to block grandma she is a huge trump supporter and shares nothing but fake news and conspiracy theories all day long.

muted my sister on instagram and Facebook, she's selling beach body and she over posted.

my mother has unfriended me on social media which is fine by me. She starts a lot of the family drama

blocked my daughters step mom. Don''t act like my friend when we''re in the middle of a custody battle and you guys are trying to take my kid away. I''m not stupid , you won''t get any dirt on me you idiot.

blocked my sister. Too much vague-booking and she's so fake

My stepmom blocked me from social media because my ADULT daughter argued with her and I didnt stop it. When I called her out she said it was a glitch in her phone. #sheisanadultnotmyissue #really

blocked uncle. He is a racist trump loving bigot who starts scam gofundme sites

Had to block grandma she is a huge trump supporter and shares nothing but fake news and conspiracy theories all day long.

Block my husband inlaws due to them butting into my family and they are toothfaced and brother due ro crazy ass girlfriend

Brother-in-law blocked me because he swears a lot and didn't want to offend me. Sweet, but I made him unblock me.

This is EXACTLY why I don't do FB anymore. It's more negativity and drama than what I want in my life. Follow suit people. You'll be much happier.

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