TEXT TOPIC: Do you share a name with someone who's famous or infamous?

my dad''s name is David Robinson. He''s a little old white man, but still gets a question if he''s related to the tall black basketball player. So he just bought a fake ID so that he could just hand that to people with a stupid question.

Married friends named Bud and Kelly. Like the bro/sis from Married with Children. Incest jokes are always knee slappers. *rolls eyes*

chaning is my first name. Im a woman. Everyone always asks me if i like that people think of a man when they hear my name.

ugh my name is Larry and I still get called Larry the cable guy randomly. It was worse when I worked at a call center for DirecTV. It was a daily issue!

my initials are CK, I have a tattoo of them, and everyone refers Calvin Klein

jake from State Farm can stop. Not okay to ask a stranger over the phone what are you wearing

My name is LaToyia, I'm Hispanic, I would ALWAYS get, Hey LaToyia, Latoya Jackson, Hows Michael?!

I'm a girl named Darcy. Everyone asks if my parents love Pride&Prejudice. That character is a boy, people!

My name is Montana. No, NOT like Hannah Montana. I'm right in that age that I grew up as she was getting big

my neighbors niece is named Isis, she said that their trips to the airport are always very interesting

ex boyfriend shares the first and last name of child rapist that was recently in the news for committing suicide

went to school with a girl named Natalie Wood.

my name is Alexis Whitney houston, pronounce how-Ston, and no one ever gets it right and thinks my mom was obsessed with Whitney houston. But i was adopted and it''s just a coincidence


uncle shares a name with a serial rapist who happened to grow up in the same city

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