TEXT TOPIC: What is your small child now saying thanks to you?

My 5-year-old Call's everyone numb-nuts.

my 2 year old daughter now says "oh shiz! Really!" Whenever she drops something. I am trying to censor what I say, but it is harder than I thought.

the F word! Not only that, he knows how to use it & thinks it's funny. He's 2.

3yo girl. I dropped something and said "oh shiz" now she uses it in perfect context...often

3yr old daughter busts out in church "and I'm the damn fool that shot him!" From Hamilton

my 3 year old nephew was calling people a little bitch cause his dad was saying that about the cartoon kid Caillou. I couldn't stop laughing

my 4 year old son calls everyone a pervert... you little pervert

My 3 year old nephew Marty says Dammit when he drops something lol ~DP

had a stupid goat growing up, my dad got mad one day and called him "damn" goat! My nephew picked that up and the goat forever called Damn Goat

my grandson says awww shiz, damn , f. Thanks daddy!

my two year old cousin came up to me the other day and said WHAT UP MOTHA F*****

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