TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Stop tagging me on FB posts! We aren't friends. Once is funny, twice is okay. 40+ times is annoying as F!

P.A.T. just because u have an extra body part between ur legs doesn't mean u can't do ur job. Help the damn team & work

you honestly wanna take your gf's side when we all know she slept w/you brother and dad? Losing a 20 year friendship your fault not mine

Can you stop with the favoritism already! Everyone at the work place can see it and you do a terrible job of trying to hide it.

We listen to you yap yo mouth all day long about how great your life is at work. hey..... how about this..... you are actually a condescending ass and we dont like how you talk down to that other girl. Don''t put down every idea she has, her life is way more interesting than yours.

you're such a great partner, so selfless and generous. Except when it comes to the bedroom! I don't want to be shallow but this could ruin us!!

don’t say you don’t want to get in the middle when you called her first. Way to be more a dead beat

You make six figures but you're never at work. No one trusts you, especially your team. Quit making excuses and do your job!!

your wife is separated from you. Stop trying to control her still and let her be happy. Move on bro.

how does it feel to know you only have a job because you are the boss's son. You are useless and more of a liability than anything here

Just because you have problems with your daughter does not mean ALL daughters are the same. Apple does not fall far from the tree. You are to blame as well.

it’s pretty sad that you have chosen your girlfriend and the drug life over your son. You are a crappy person and remember at the end of the day you did this to yourself not me. Our son deserves better

just because you live with family doesn’t mean paying rent is an option!! Stop muching off your parents who can barely get by as it is! Start helping around the house and pay the money you owe them!

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