TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Free For All

I work in software. If you're being a jerk, we just might take a BIT longer to fix your problem. BE NICE!!

this might be passive aggressive as well but I work in a clothing store. Believe it or not, we don't have any other sizes in the back room.

I'm in accounts payable. I'm a moron with math. As long as the invoices get entered to zero i'm happy. Yay calculators!

college professor. I can see through all your lame excuses. Also, be nice to me and you'll get a better grade!

I'm a local truck driver and come on people do your own business by and close doors not in your personal vehicle and Utah women are nasty

I'm a home inspector. People, you gotta learn to put your sex toys away before I come over. I'm intrigued... but come on.

i work in sales when I tell a customer the warehouse didn't have you item I just could not find it

I work in technology and yes I am a woman and yes I know what I am Talking about and no you may not speak with a male coworker.

In title and escrow. We do check your loan application to see what you do and how much you make.

I’m an inspector for construction companies and to be honest, we let things slide if you are nice and cool. We can make or break your project with a swipe of a pen so play it safe and suck up to the inspectors!

I''m a newspaper carrier and I pay $2.00 every time a customer complains so please if your going to complain make sure its for a good reason seeing how I only make .08 cents per paper

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