TEXT TOPIC: What are you sneaking right now? Did you catch someone sneaking

Zebra Cakes! I’m on a strict diet for my T1 diabetes & cannot help but buy Zebra cakes when I see them! Ugh my husband would kill me if he knew but I can’t help it!

My roommate in college was stealing my panties!!! Just gross! I was supposed to be gone for the weekend. Ended up getting back early and found her and her BF in my room ...BOTH WEARING MY PANTIES!! Changed roommate that day!

used to sneak AC and the Heater! Lived w/family member who was soo cheap! Never turned on ac or heat! It was fans or space heaters year round

roommate was sneaking doing coke. Found out one day when we came home to him going through everything in our room.

sneaking diesel fuel from work. They buy it by the thousands of gallons.

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