TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! July 23, 2018

I'm signing papers on my dream house this morning. Yay!!!!!!

Son shipped off to Fort Leanoardwood for basic training for the Army and we just got our first letter and picture.

my husband mom and brother are visiting from out of the country. He hasn't seen them in two years.

good news I leave tomorrow morning for a week in Cancun, Mexico vacation!!

Something good is my wife moved back home after being gone 3 months for school! And we are leaving on a week long vacation this weekend!!

found out I'm pregnant after we've been trying for 8 months!

remodeled a room in our house. Sanded floor, stripped the walls of three different layers of wallpapering. Will start painting tonight!!

since last July I've lost 110 lbs.. I feel amazing!!

went to the zombie apocalypse at fear factory Friday night. If there's really a zombie apocalypse I know now I'll survive lol

Going to LA for a Bewitched Convention this week where I'll be signing copies of THE BEWITCHED HISTORY BOOK! Holla!!

Just got back from a weeklong cruise from the Cayman Islands Honduras Belize and Cozumel something good for this Monday was heading to work realizing I missed you guys and how much easier going to work on a Monday is

this coming weekend going on vacation back home to Jersey shore beach house.

Going to Paramore tonight

about to head in for my c section! Can't wait to meet the baby/get her the heck out of my body

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