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Group Therapy: Should this family turn in their loved ones's drug dealer? 

went through this with my husband and when I called the cops they wouldn't do anything because it was just hearsay

call! You never know if that could save them

it won’t do a bit of good. It will only get one dealer off the street only for a moment and he will just find his drugs from someone else! They’re everywhere!

could be putting yourself and family in danger. He'll find drugs somewhere else doesn't matter if he loses that dealer

In my personal experience, it's best to tell the police. Coming from a drug addiction, I had someone call the police on my dealer and it was the biggest

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! My husband has been a heroin addict for 10 years. I knew one of his dealers cause I found out about them, answered the phone when they called, told them I was calling the police. He never contacted my husband again. If I EVER see a

dealer or have their info I would most definitely tell the police.

Reporting the license plate number to the police won’t stop your loved one from finding drugs. It’s not hard to find them and eliminating one dealer won’t make a difference.

please let them know nothing is 100% hidden in a report, you CAN pay for the statements the witness gave and get their names as well I know from experience

I'm am in recovery and of wish someone would have fought for me and called on my dealer. tough love is the best kind right now

called the police and tried psych detox with my sister and the reality is I was using all my energy for someone that had no desire to better themselves so I finally just stepped away. They won’t stop till it’s their decision to stop

hubby is a cop. They will keep it anonymous. If they have a license plate number or name the cops can then go monitor the residence and

arrest him based on activity they see or by connecting paraphernalia from the home it''s self. CALL THE POLICE! They will help!

Absolutely call the police! One less drug seller. Loved one will get it somewhere else, but you gotta do the right thing!

work with addicts every day and it doesn''t matter how much the family wants this person clean, if he doesn''t want it for himself it won''t last if he does get clean.

Don't call the cops it's not the dealers fault and the addict will only quit when they want to

turn them in, I did and no one knew it was me. I followed my mom and turned in the address to the police I know it saved my mom. I'd do it again too

Calling the cops wouldn't matter. He'll find another person to buy drugs from. Accessibility to the drugs is not the problem his issues are.

my brother died of an overdose. I didn’t call the cops when my gut told me to do it. It could

have saved his life. If I could go back I would have trusted my instincts.

the cops can''t do anything unless they see the drugs switch hands. My family set my ex up to get caught enabling my addiction and the cops were able to get involved. Do your best to stay anonymous. It can come back to hurt you if people find out.

I''m 2 years clean from heroin. I''m 24. Turn in the dealer, if they’re a hardcore dealer, they’ll go away for awhile but we are in Utah. Unfortunately, there will be heroin readily available for a long time. We have to be ready in order to get clean. But one more dealer off the streets is better. It may push someone to seek help if their dealer is no longer available

my son is an addict and has antisocial disorder he has been living on the street for months We let him stay a few nights he is tearing my married apart my husband wants to leave

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