TEXT TOPIC: What happened on the camping trip?

First day of vacay with new tent. Came back to campsite, squirrels had chewed through the bottom and done their "business" all over the tent!

recent trip to Mill Hollow there was still snow. We all pull in to a spot that looked great. But it was like quicksand. We ended up having to pull a brand new trailer BACKWARDS to get it moved. The guy that came to help even got stuck. There were 4 trucks and as soon as we got one out another got stuck. Five hours later we were sitting by the fire and praying it would dry up before we left.

first time w/ new trailer in Uintas. Long bumpy road, open camper in a rain storm to find olive oil and spaghetti sauce everywhere.

When we were camping with my in-laws we left for a little bit to go four wheeling It started to rain we came back and our tent was flooded

camping 9 Mile canyon. My 4 runner gets 2 flat tires at the same time. 3 kids. 1 German Shepard and 1 spare tire. Knocking on cabin doors lookin for plugs. Thank god we found some.

when I was 13 my parents got the family Christmas stuff. They spent tons of money. Our first camping trip was by a pond. We borrowed our friends four wheelers cuz my parents wanted it to be a special outing. First cast my sister got a hook stuck in her head. It was lodged so deep my mom decided to take her to the hospital. I stayed behind w my dad and bro. 5 min later I got in a horrific four wheeler accident. We met my mom at the hospital

Went camping on Tuesday of this week parked the trailer set the canopy up against the truck 18-month-old pulled the canopy onto his head eight stitches later party ended pretty quick

My friend dropped her glasses in the outdoor toilets and my other friend dug them out with a hanger.

drunk couple show up at night fighting about their tent next morning she was sleeping in a table he was using tent as sleeping bag tubes and parts every were

Truck broke down lost a belt, tow truck had to tell us to the part store so we can fix it, went to the Sandune''s four-wheel-drive went out got stuck in the sand and had to get towed out. Trip from hell

Roasting starbursts over campfire at girl''s camp. One girl caught hers on fire& shook her roasting stick. Starburst flew off& landed on a girl’s eye! Burned her really bad& had 2 go 2 the hospital! She’s okay now tho& we just laugh about it

Girls camp campground burned down, so we stayed in the middle of a field in eastern CO. First night 3 tornados & flooding ripped through camp.

forgot tent poles used fishing poles. Froze my butt off because of the gap-husband slept like a baby.

leveling trailer in a slopes site, had front jack extended all the way out about 2 ft. Wheel chocks failed, trailer shifted off of block slammed into the dirt,front tongue ended up on ground, buried jack in dirt, stabilizing jack went through floor. 1 minute earlier I would have been crushed

my brother-in-law was leaving a family reunions early and as he pulled out of the campground he hit a rock and it broke the sewage line under the trailer and Spilled sewage all over the campground

little sister fell backwards into a metal ringed fire pit, hr away from nearest medical

went camping at strawberry took never used tent, went to put it up and the wind took it down, and broke the poles. Went into town to get a new tent same thing happened so we used duct tape and tie downs to make the tent work

Went camping in our trailer for a week and we were at the dump site where you clean out all your water and sewer. A guy pulls up with a canister of sewer and starts to pour it out into the drain without using a hose. Poop and pee went everywhere. My poor Dad who had to stand out there and see all that! Disgusting!

My husband and I invited his friends to go camping. They were trying to set up their tent, but they forgot their poles.

Went camping in the snow for scouts and built and igloo. Could only finish half of it, and all the trucks got stuck in the snow, so we had to stay the night. One scout peed in the igloo and another three up in the entrance of the igloo in the middle of the night.

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