TEXT TOPIC: What happened on the boat ramp?

What happened on the boat ramp? 

We call it Boat Ramp Olympics. Sometimes we sit out in the water and people watch. The struggle is real on the boat ramp.

A lady was holding up the line because she dropped her keys in the lake and was looking for them with goggles determined she was going to find them.

seen many people put boat in water without testing motor. Dead in water and had to paddle back to trailer

Neighbor of ours wanted to borrow my dads boat for a youth church activity. The guy had no experience towing a boat. He hit a truck coming up the boat ramp, and drug it a good 50 ft. Never again

My 76 year old grandpa was backing our ski boat into the lake, went a bit too far, and ended up backing his truck into the lake with the boat. 10 years later, the truck still sits sadly at the bottom of the lake.

dad pulling boat up to the trailer. All of a sudden he put it in reverse, swearing, and then pulled his swimsuit off. Wasp flew up his suit

we were backing the boat into the lake I lower the prop down before the boat was floating and I busted off my skeg lil fin below propeller 200 dollar repair

Our friend did not set the parking brake on the truck so after he loaded boat on the trailer it dragged the truck into the water. Truck was in water up to the hood. Had to replace engine in the truck.

where do I begin....the boat ramp and the airport are the best people watching. I have seen countless props drug up the ramp, watched a massive houseboat fall off the trailer midway up the ramp and even saw a boat still attached to trailer blow up....good times

work at a state park and am always down at the docks, seeing people’s wives try to back the trailer into the water is hilarious, the husbands gets so mad yelling and screaming all the time, the other day a female jumped out of the truck said f u and walked up the ramp

a man was berating his wife as she tried to pull the boat on the trailer. She hit the throttle and the boat crashed into the truck, literally through the

towed in a guy & helped him load his boat. He gave me his business card & wrote $50 on the back & signed it. Turns out he owned a boat shop & he gave me $50 credit.

my brother and sis n law have jet skis and one time when they first got them she tried backing them up into the water and it took so long and many failed attempts- I was so embarrassed when she finally made it. So many people were waiting impatiently!

just me and dad out at Lincoln beach I was in the boat my dad unhooked it and was walking back to the truck it pop out of gear and it went into the lake

A Jeep towing too big of a boat couldn't make it up the ramp. The Jeep was sliding back into the water. I had to tow them out with my loaded boat.

my mom was jumping off the boat to the dock and slipped, she accidentally through the truck keys in the water. Eventually we found the guys hours later

About a mile out in lake Powell boat started sinking had to get to boat ramp before we sank. Yep forgot the plug

what hasn''t happened at the boat ramp? When we were newbies we forgot to put the plug in and take the straps off. Finally after an hour got our craptogether and got in the water just to realize there was no gas in the boat

hubby shortened tongue on boat and its a nightmare to back in - turns way to quick and fast and I'm way better then hubby!

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