TEXT TOPIC: Are you jealous of your spouses co-worker?

got fired because my bosses wife was jealous of me

was jealous of a co workers of my husbands. We were dating at the time and she had asked him on a date and he told me, but when he told me he was all giddy and flattered by it. She was later fired and it was a good day

My husband is jealous of my partner. Partner and I spend 40+ hours together a week but the man has my six and I have his to ensure we go home to our family after each shift.

Had a long time marriage that ended in divorce with him hooking up with his coworker, which now makes me jealous of any woman

Like Jess, I’m a really jealous person. My serious boyfriend is in doctorate school and I’m already jealous of his future receptionist.. always making jokes like you can’t hide a hot girl receptionist, don’t even think it buddy. Luckily I have a very loyal guy, but I was in the military and have seen more people cheat than stay faithful so it’s always been an issue for me.

boyfriend worked driving escorts in salt lake. Every night I had trouble sleeping and so jealous of those nasties!

my girlfriend works at a salon with a ton of other females. They''re mostly crazy, but it''s hard not to get jealous when she''s constantly with and texting other women.

My ex was texting and calling this girl that he worked with and said i had nothing to worry about because she was married she added me on fb come to find out they were having an affair the whole time smh.

met my husband @ work, overheard a group of women saying how hot he is and wished they could hook up with him. Now I''m a stay @ home mom and go crazy thinking of all the opportunity to cheat.

I'm jealous of my husbands work buddy. They text all the time and send each other funny memes. He hardly ever texts me. They also travel a bit for work

I travel internationally, my wife gets drinks with "ugly" male coworkers

My friend gets jealous of this girl her husband works with. Probably because they go out to lunch multiple times a week that aren't work lunches.

Yes I always had a feeling about a girl at my exes work and they ended up having an affair which led to our divorce and they've been on and off for four

jealous of my husband’s old coworkers because they got to see him more than I did when we were working opposite schedules.

My bf is a musician, and he has to perform w/his singer ex-girlfriend, who's passive aggressive with me. I call her Horseface b/c of her huge teeth

my husband ALWAYS hires young, hot chicks. They also temp hire models and actresses for their sets and here I am his wife with baggy eyes and kids so my body will never look like theirs. I understand why he hires them but it doesn’t make it easier when he’s with them all day.

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