TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that's breaking the law?

It's my stepdaughter in law. She claims "single, separated" to get gov benefits.

My sis is doing meth and not sure if dealing too. We had family intervention last week tried did not go down good

bro drugs

have a bro in law who is a complete D. He absolutely is a jerk. He is always scamming someone and lies. So much he doesn't know the difference.

pretty sure half of my wife's family is selling pills

my brother is breaking the law by committing insurance fraud.

um... it’s me.  Laws meant to be broken right? It’s kinda funny, I’ve always been the good one polite, kind, respectful, good grades, do as I’m told & Now I grow dank weed in my basement and make mad cash selling love drugs to the homies. I’m still the best person I know I consider it working smarter not harder.

I am. A few felony drug charges but since have cleaned my life up but guilty of criminal thinking

pretty sure mom commits insurance fraud. She'll apply for leave, but when I see her, she's apparently good enough to take multiple vacations

My brother in law is 23, he still lives at home with his mom and 7 other siblings. He smokes weed and other drugs in the house

My daughter, she is being federally indicted for fraud, forgery, drugs. She has an 11 yr old daughter it's sad

got some buddy's telling me that my brother has been waiting for girls to get wasted at partys and then having sex with them. Do I call him out? Or no?

my little sister is breaking the law. She smokes marijuana like a train. She went to Vegas and spent over $500 at a dispensary and brought it back

daughters bio dad. Just stopped showing up over 2 years ago haven''t heard from since. I was Pretty sure it was because of drugs. Than recently foundcharges for felony robbery and drug possession. Scared for the day he tries to come back.

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