TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you met your idol?

met Kurt Russell when I was a kid he was about 16 lived in my town saw him and a friend at the bowling alley asked if it was him he said no and they laughed at me so sad

met Ken Griffey Jr. 2 years ago and it was amazing and he was so cool and nice. Dream come true.

Met the guys from Rascal Flatts twice. Super nice both times. Made me an even bigger fan.

met Eve "the rapper" at a nightclub in Vegas. I complimented her on her high heel shoes and she totally ignored me and walked away.

i have meet a ton of celebrities never get star struck. (David beckham, sharron stone, Goldie hawn) I meet Erika from Hogle Zoo at a friends party.Acted like an bubbling idiot haha start struck

I was at a Jazz game and was able to meet the players before the game. I went up to Shaq and asked for an autograph, he looked at a guy and said take care of this as he walked away. The guy said Shaq isn''t taking autographs. Weird since he seems so cool and chill.

I took my wife to meet Emmitt Smith in Vegas. She's been a Cowboys Fan her whole life. She couldn't talk, she just cried tears of joy. It was funny.

Met Bo Jackson in an elevator at hotel (with other Royals players) on my senior trip. Bo was amazing - very down to earth and real. Was a gentleman and chastised the others for being inappropriate. Gave us tix to game.

Met Taylor Swift and it was MORE than expected. She is amazing and kind and beautiful and SO genuine and knew who I was by name & was so real!

met Otis Williams and the temptations AMAZING! people very down to earth

stayed late after a blue October concert. They came out to clean up their own equipment. We struck up a convo with them and they invited us back stage. Nicest guys ever!!

met Robert smith from the cure after a concert at the hotel. He was totally trashed. Gave me an uncomfortably long hug.

had a chance to meet Rob Zombie. Been a fan for decades. He was a prick and had no time for his fans. It was a total turn off to his music. He ruined it.

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