TEXT TOPIC: What bothers you about your spouse?

when I met my husband I was attracted to how smart he was & how he knew everything. Today, He's an annoying know-it-all every. effing. day!

noticed that my husband doesn't really like to do any chores unless I ask

noticed my spouse's driving was terrible!!

My now husband has a severe napping problem. I never knew this while we were dating, but as soon as we got engaged he started taking one to two naps a day. It bugs, bad.

Boyfriend asks questions and doesn't listen for the answer cuts me off

my husband makes the most annoying noises when he chews. I can barely stand to eat next to him.

my boyfriend does not wash his hands after he uses the restroom. Also is a complete slob when he’s been drinking it’s like a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum through the whole house.

Been married for 9 yrs but over the last 5 yrs, I’ve noticed that he’s kinda selfish. It’s evident that he puts his own happiness above me. Not with major things, but the little selfish acts add up

My poor husband thought I was energetic and bubbly--dust settled and he found out I'm just neurotic!

My husband is a hoarder. Our basement is filled with his crap he picks up at DI or yard sales. Its so claustrophobic

didn't realize how pessimistic my wife was about everything and everybody. Always sees the bad and how it can get worse and not better. Drives me nuts.

My husband blows his nose in the shower. It echoes and also leaves a gross mess. Yuck. Didn't know that before we got married.

my bf picks his nose and shows me his burgers, and he picks his war wax and smells it..so gross and unattractive ughh

my fiance scratches his balls and smells it .... noticed 1 year into our relationship...

my fiance does clip his toenails! My 3-year-old nephew asked me why his toes look gross...SOS

so now that I've been living with my girlfriend I noticed she showers like every 3 days And I absolutely hate it.

I'm your wife not your maid! Put your socks in the hamper!

she was more sexually adventurous. When we got married, it became routine and vanilla

Every time we have a free second he gets on his video games, never knew that before because we were always out doing something.

doesn't clean the cat box, never should have known it would be me cleaning it 20 years later

my wife is a pathological liar I dealt with it until I found out she was a cheater. Especially when I found out that's how we got together

sweet and nice easy going at first. Over the years, after she sunk her claws in me, became overly opinionated and emotional. Sigh

Husband purposely gags himself when brushing his teeth.. it sounds like he is deep throating... I can't stand it!

It's my husband he's so political. It's the worst! Being nonconfrontational, politics isn't my favorite thing to talk about. Not to mention we''re on opposite sides of the field on a lot of things.

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