TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

it takes two to tango, but your still a slut sending multiple naked pictures to a married man with children. Home wrecker.

It’s not the responsibility of the infertile to adopt. Quit adoption shaming me. If you care so much about those kids, YOU adopt them! Adoption is not easy nor cheap. Back off!!

Mom, when you go on the bathroom after eating it isn't because you "ate too much". You have an eating disorder and you need help.

Push in your chair when you leave your desk if I bump into it one more time I'm sending it to surplus

I'm not the one that lost your work keys don't need to wake me and the babies up at 4 a.m.

hey homewrecker we all know you got pregnant on purpose and my fiance is done with your 12 year old looking booty, so move on hoe bag.

dear sister/sister in law, your kids don't need bday parties every year, there are too many kids in the family and it gets exhausting and expensive

real friends text back. Ignoring is rude. Bye Felicia

before you start bashing all of your coworkers don t forget all of the things this company has done for you. If this were anyone else they would’ve lost their job by now. I d watch your mouth.

no, I didn't steal your friends. You introduced me to them, and I try inviting you places too. Don't be upset that they prefer me over you.

Because of you having an affair with our daughters best friends Mom, I have to put my girls in another elementary school. You have no respect for your children or myself to not be able to keep it out of your kids school! Shame on that trash for doing the same as well as ruining our daughters friendship!

hey there love, it''s been a year, yet you keep complaining making no changes, and here I am moving on and you have no idea.... GETA JOB AND BE A MAN FOR ONCE. Love your passive aggressive and resentment filled wife

please stop enunciating the G in ugh. It's not a pair of Ugg boots. The gh is silent. Sorry, it drives my nuts.

hate my moms fiance and I don't want to be in her wedding. Don't know how to tell her

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER OF MY CHILD!!!! Stop trying to call courts like you''ll get grandparents rights because YOU WONT. He is a dead beat and you are a dead beat grandma

Your really going to block me on all social media after we've been in each other's lives for 13 years. So childish

Stop making your children and grandchildren emotionally support you. Grow up! Worst MIL ever

dear Co Manager thank you for calling me kankles and carrying it on all day .. I''m not fat my feet are swollen cuz I''m 20 weeks pregnant ! Thanks for bringing my self esteem down !! You rock =!

Hey boss, quit blaming me for everything others do wrong especially when things happen on my day off and I'm not even there.

Stop dumping your kid at the grandparents house every chance you get . They are retired and pretty sure they don''t want to spend it raising your child. Stop taking advantage and be a mom! And no matter how you spin it, in the end your husband cheated on you and will always be a douche bag because he blames his cheating on you

please wash your hands after using a public restroom. Don't give excuses like " I'm just going home after this" after being called out. Excuses don't stop

Quit telling me you love me. I know you are just trying to cause problems in my new relationship! Quit trying to get me back. I''m not coming back so move on. I''m with someone who makes me happy and makes me feel beautiful!

I love you dearly but I'm tired of the emotional abuse and lack of help at home. You can't afford a maid stop treating me like one

dear boss. I’m working my ass off cause I love my job. You’re short with me for no reason. You say I’m messing up the flow of patient check ins but then you say there is no specific flow. That it’s learned. If it’s learned, be patient. And give me an answer instead of making me feel like I suck

There are a hundred ways to say something nice, but you can't seem to figure that out.

Shut up and be nice. I'm so tired of listening to you be a jerk to everyone. You aren't amazing and we all hate you.

These are my kids, I will punish and reward them how I friggin want too. You're the gma, get over it.

you mentioned your husband is married with kids. Obviously not happily married and he sends pictures back. Don't just come at me

oh you decided not to go to work today? Cool. 15 minutes late is better than not working at all!

apologizing for pissing me off isn''t the same as apologizing for what you said... Clearly you only care about me being mad at you but not about hurting my feelings.

Dear guy who has decided to use the ONLY parking spot in the lot with shade for your personal extended parking - screw you!

stop trying to steal my job! You don't have my job!

to everybody who thinks they need to tell me what to do in my house, pay my bills and u have a say, till then stfu!

your family has done everything for you. Quit doing heroin and take care of your 1 yr old. Your mother deserves her own life and to be a grandma not raise your kid.

reply to blocking you after 13 years... sorry I grew up and have a family and a. life that doesn t revolve around getting wasted. You guilted us every time we made an effort and it s not worth my time or energy. BYEEE.

Saying your being yourself by being outspoken and bluny is not an excuse to talk to people how you want, be rude people like shit. Keep wondering why your not in my life right now and blaming me to feel better, its all you.

to everyone in the office do your damn jobs

bro I dont hang out with you anymore because you can be a super d bag

Dear boss, Pull your head out of your butt and actually discipline the people Who don't follow the rules. We hate your favoritism bs.

time to move on. I left you because you could not be loyal and didn't want a relationship. You just wanted a hookup

stop using my boyfriend as your emotional crutch. Find a therapist. Get your crap together & grow up

slept with your mom the night before our wedding (I'm the wife)

you married into the family but can''t be there for your now step kids. You''ll drop everything for your own son. Yet you expect my kids to call you grandma! Won''t happen

Just because you're a teacher does not mean that you are a parenting expert. You're kid is a terror!!

your choice to become vegan is putting more stress on our marriage than I think you care to acknowledge

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