TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

My dirty little secret is that I'm terrified someone won't fall in love with me. Been through a divorce and not sure I will find the right one.

my Perfect husband I’ve recently found has been into porn and dating sites for at least a year. Almost 10 yrs into my 3rd marriage and just wish he would admit he needs help. Hanging by a thread.

terrified if I lose the weight I won't want my husband anymore

my mom always told me she never wanted kids and it always made me feel like a burden. This is the reason I'm holding off on having kids.

my mom forced me to get married at 17. I still hate her for that.

I''ve never minded being "the other woman" In some weird way it gives me confidence boost knowing someone needs me to fulfill something...and its emotional fulfilling regardless of what most people assume >7< &@ #sorrynotsorry

You lost all the weight and you look great. I have been trying workout and eat better. But your hot one in this relationship. I am jealous and I wish I looked buff and healthy.

My secret is I do wood working in my basement. It's sound proof and it's therapeutic for me. And I have made tables, doors other things.... I drop off my woodworking in my neighborhood at night to different houses as special gifts to the family. And I do it at night so they won''t know it''s from me.

I'm falling in love with my best friends wife and kids. What makes it worse is that he seems to be growing lazier in their relationship as time passes.

I’m supposed to be getting married next month, but I have a guy who is interested in me no matter my situation. Texts me all the time about wanting to be with me. I haven''t deleted his number. Why?

I'm married and have a kid and I am falling in love with a guy that I'm having an affair with from work. #thestruggleisreal

I hook up with people and don't take relationships seriously because I'm scared to be heartbroken like my parents are!

Only married men want me, I’m not exaggerating, it is every single time. Something has to be wrong with me, but what?

My secret is that the urge to have another child is more important to me than staying married to my current spouse

Everyone including my hubby thinks our last baby was an 'oops baby' but I got pregnant on purpose.

my boyfriend was arrested for abusing drugs and stealing my stuff. My family doesn't know that I still go to visit him in jail

I have invested so much time into a relationship, making it hard to leave. However now I feel that I hate EVERYTHING about him and don't know what to do

I cut off my finger to get pain medication. My ex and mostly my son is who saved my life. I'm clean now for a couple years now.

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