TEXT TOPIC: What big thing did you forget?

on my wedding day , I forgot to pack my white strapless bra. Don't you worry, I rocked my bright blue bra. Something old AND something blue.

We forgot the rolls for THANKSGIVING one year!!! Who does that? Years ago and we still get crap. Get over it people!!!

sibling trip to Phoenix for a concert. Left SLC @ 6pm. Got to Nephi & lil bro forget our tickets! Got to Phoenix by noon in time for concert

forgot my diamond ring in the closet in Mesquite and remembered on our way to Las Vegas when I was listening to Dixie Chicks and they said diamond ring

lost my license the night before my flight. Had to hit the dmv as they opened. They let me go to the front because of my situation. The airport didn''t love me having a paper license

on my way to fly to Austin to hit a Mexican cruise... totally forgot my drivers license. Had my passport, but there was a stink about my DL. This was in 2004 but somehow they let me through and saved my trip.

Forgot our Disneyland tickets at home. Got them as a gift, didn't realize they were still home until the night before we were going to the park. Had to buy

I was captain of the Drumline in high school and we had a parade early early on a Saturday morning so I agreed to take all of the drums for the entire marching band in a big old trailer that my dad had. I took them home the night before and drove all the way to the city where the parade was going to be and realized I forgot all of the harnesses. We had all the drums but nothing to carry them with for the entire High School marching band.

got half way to our deer hunting spot and forgot my release to shoot my bow. Had to buy a new one.

I was assigned to bring the Turkey at Thanksgiving and totally forgot. Let's just say Chinese food for Thanksgiving isn't too bad.

forgot my high school graduation gown =-=-=- thank god my class was small and they waited for me to get it! Lol go Jayhawks

forgot the rings for my brothers wedding #oops

Potluck at work. Spaghetti theme. A guy signed up for the noodles. He brought them...uncooked. He was embarrassed but we had a good laugh.

drive 11 hrs from Portland to slc to work in the office (instead of remotely) and forgot the power cable to my computer.

My marriage license. Kinda need it to sign stuff.

2nd week on the job we had to fly to LA. My first time flying. Left my id at home in my husbands pocket..we had just gotten back from Vegas. Boss was furious but it worked out. Whoops!

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