TEXT TOPIC: Did someone mess up capturing your big moment?

my sons HS graduation. Son walked across the stage. Hubby cheered with the video camera on his lap. Totally forgot to film it.

my mom was recording my brother proposing to his girlfriend. There are pictures of her holding up the camera in the background. Come to find out, she never pushed record!

asked my mom to film my last choir concert in high school before graduating. She covered the speaker with her hand and didn''t focus the camera. The sound was very muffled and everyone looked like glowing blobs. I was so upset!

My ex was asked to video at my sisters reception. Wasn't paying attention & was toggling the camera off instead of on. Recorded the floor.

We were announcing the pregnancy of our first child to the in laws. My husband thought he was recording like on Snapchat so he held the button down Instead

my dad recorded our proposal on his video camera only to record my brothers basketball game a week later over the same tape.

My brother in law was suppose to get pictures on my wedding day. He got too busy chasing his kids. Unfortunately my husband passed away and I don’t have any pictures of that day.

had a girl that I was dating at the time take pics of me while I was becoming a us citizen and the only pics she took of me were of the back of my head . Grrrrrrrrr

My mom tried to record my first look of my wife in her wedding dress, didn't realize she hasn't pressed play till days later

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