TEXT TOPIC: What would your personal warning sign be?

Heart like a saint, mouth like a sailor

my warning label: I WILL BITE YOU

Mama Bear

already come with a warning label I'm a redhead

crazy Taurus here

insecure, lots of baggage, drama queen

don't do something stupid when she is already provoked you won't make it out alive

I'm a lover and a fighter

Emotionally unstable

warning, only engage if you are ready for deep conversation. No small talk please

Too much human interaction may cause irritability.

warning label... I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.

WARNING : a little TOO honest

warning sarcastic sob no filter proceed with caution!

Caution! Tells the truth you don't want to hear

warning- excessive dad jokes and sarcasm

EXPLICIT LYRICS WARNING.... I'm a swear machine

tequila may result in dancing on tables

Shy, emotional, kind of crazy.

warning, hates Utah and nature, don't even try. #cityslicker

don't know when to stop drinking I just keep drinking and drinking

Short fuse, big mouth, sharp tongue.

Being condescending could result in a punch to the face!

Warning gassy vegan

If I had a warning label, it would say: "Watch out! This person is TOO SERIOUS"!!

Warning! Strikes up conversations with strangers in public!

product is under Passive Aggressive Pressure which may lead to a breakdown. Daily diffusion is advised.

warning: do NOT try and boss me around. It will not work out for you.

mentally and emotionally under construction and broken

Accidentally offensive

warning, hates people

RBF it's just my face I'm not really mean or mad.

caution a lot a lot a lot a lot of energy here!

Won't shut up about dogs

Does not do well in social situations, please bare with me

my label would say not afraid to call you out on your BS or if you're a liar.

Do not feed after midnight. #gremlin

Gets attached to people. If your friendship is not sincere, walk away.

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