TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! July 16, 2018

Thanks to God and RCC we now have a beautiful 2 weeks old little princess!

I'm leaving for a vacation on Friday!

My granddaughter Alice graduated preschool.

After 2+ years of marriage, my husband and I finally have the same work schedule. I wake up earlier, but I get to spend more time with him!

landlord says he is going to finally come over and fix dryer vent after TWO years.

My husband, babies and I just moved into our new dream home

after 10 years at a job I finally better job!! Yay!!

started driving for lyft for some extra cash and I made $300 in the two days I drove this weekend. Meet a lot of cool and happy people

took my wife and 15 year old son to Keith Urban on Friday night. Was lucky enough to get upgraded to pit passes front row and Center. What an awesome experience!

got 30 cent raise at job. Anything better nothing I'll take it lol

just got a promotion that came with a $9000 dollar raise as well as an increased bonus.

get to surprise my husband at his work with all his coworkers that he won chairman for Delta airlines. Out of 80,000 employees only a 100 are selected and only 2 are from salt lake. I’m so excited for him!

My something good is we are expecting our first baby. Over the weekend we found out it is a little baby girl! We couldn't be more excited!

something good. We are going on our annual camping trip on Friday with ALL the fam (aunts, uncles, cuz, etc)

My anniversary today. 7 amazing years of marriage. Love you babe.

its amazon prime day! And next week I get to have a 5 day weekend

Last work day on Thursday. Going back to college in 2 weeks.

good news Monday! We got engaged on Friday! Best day!

"tell us something good" I passed my citizenship test!! ===5 year process is over

got a promotion got a great place to live Life is good

I know it's after the segment, but... My wife is pregnant!! We lost a baby in Feb (ectopic). I'm ecstatic!!!

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