TEXT TOPIC: What is your irrational fear?

passed on the fear of balloons. So bad my 7 year old won't even watch fire works

sharks! I was stuck in the shark exhibit 6 yrs old @seaworld. The ONLY tattoo i won't do

I''m terrified of stairs... I saw my mom fall down them once and I''m terrified of that. I also have neuropathy so I don''t have a ton of feeling in my feet so my balance is awful. I try to avoid stairs as much as I can!

My Mom had a home invasion when she was 23. The man raped her & it was horrific. Her baby was in the home. I have grown up with her constantly locking the door. Im terrified to have any window or door unlocked @ my house with my girls at home.

I''m terrified of my kids dry drowning and am always anxious when we go to the pool. My oldest is scared of the water now too. &9

have an irrational fear of sharks being in an body of water even though I know its not possible. Still hate not knowing what's under me in any lake/ocean

my nephew has this fear that his sister will get kidnapped because of his mom.

irrational fear that someone will break in at night and kill my husband and I. Parents are deaf as a child I was their ears

have an irrational fear of tsunami .... i live in Utah.. where did that come from?

I'm not a small guy, 6'4" 280lbs and I am terrified of any animal bigger than me ie cows horses anything

driving on the freeway next to a semi trailer and being sucked under it. I got the fear from my mom.

my wife is a catastrophist. She will imagine the worst possible ways to get hurt or sick in any situation. I tell her stop because she scares me and the kids

my wife has a fear of water, anytime we take the kids swimming she really has to control her self.

I''m convinced that the people I love are going to stop loving me & leave me... parents got divorced & my dad just left... I think about it all the time & it even affects my marriage.

dog poo! Passing it on to the kids, won't walk on grass and spazz out if the kids just go running freely on unknown grass, land minds are everywhere!

My parents passed on their fear of the dentist. As a result of not going for 5 years I had 6 cavities and 2 root canals recently.

Fear of sleeping naked because I'm terrified if there's a fire in the night because I'd grab my kids before I grab any clothes

was really scared of dogs because both my mom and dad have been bit by them, now that I have my own I want to pet every dog I see

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