TEXT TOPIC: What is your childhood nickname?

Nickname Mullet from my dad cuz it's a fish and I was always in the water

as a baby my uncle called me Trojan after the Trojan warriors bc he thought I held grudges. The nickname wasn''t a big deal until Jr High when I learned Trojan has a different connotation

Spudmuffin because I was fat like a potato

my uncle nicknamed me OSCAR from birth cause i was a grouchy kid and he called me that til the day he died and i was well into my thirtys

my nickname is POOHCA. The reason for this is because as a toddler, every time my mom gave me a bath i would poop in the bath. My whole family calls me it

my nickname was smiley. For obvious reasons, i smile a lot. Given to me by my football coach.

Scout to kill a mocking bird cuz I ALWAYS asked questions

Rollie Pollie Jolie. I was a little over weight as a baby

fartin Barton got it after a bday party as a kid. Chili cheese dogs then twister. I won all the games.

Dad called me DBD...Darling Baby Daughter

name is Lexi, little sister who is 12 calls me Lube. So embarrassing in public

Hopalong one week I had my cast on one leg then the other week it was the other leg

Back in 7th grade my friend looked at a penny then looked at me and said You look like Abraham Lincoln and started calling me Abe. 15 years later people

My last name is Salazar. I was called a salad bar growing up. I was a fat kid too

my nickname was Baby. Simply because I was the baby of the family.

Aunt calls me Googly. Apparently, that's how I used to say my name when I was little (Julie). She still calls me Goo. It's endearing

duckie was my nickname because my toes are webbed.

brains. Because I had crazy hair when I was little. Don t ask me.... I don t get it!

my nickname was weenie. When I was little I was sick and tiny so when I was swaddled I looked like a hotdog in a bun. Than name followed me til my dad passes when I was 23. I would do anything to hear that again 1 more time

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