TEXT TOPIC: What nasty food concoction do you like?

Strawberries in sour cream and brown sugar!! Sooo yummy!

Cottage cheese and Taco Time original hot sauce with Ritz crackers!

Crazy tacos. Fry corn tortillas, burger, dill pickles and velveeta cheese

LOVE ramen noodle soup sandwiches! Make the soup the put the noodles on bread and dip in the juice

saltine crackers with ketchup on top

toast, pickles, mustard, and cheese.

grated sharp cheddar cheese in apple cider vinegar

donut as the buns pattie with cheese bacon and peanut butter and jelly!

Cottage cheese and mustard

Brother in law likes peanut butter on his hamburger

jam on a grilled cheese

pb&j and dipped it in fruit punch

waffles and ranch.

top ramen with ranch

dip peanut butter sandwich in your chili

mayo & pb sandwiches

cheddar cheese with maple syrup drizzled over it.

potato chips dipped in mustard!

grilled cheese dipped in chocolate milk

Fritos with peanut butter

tacos dipped in lemon juice

peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich on toast!

peanut butter and chocolate cake frosting

peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches

peanut butter pickle sandwiches

canned pear half with a dollop of miracle whip topped with grated cheese.

peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich

rush saltines into it and fill it with milk an eat it with a spoon

toasted peanut butter sandwhich with pickles in it. Or m&ms on pizza

peanut butter with miracle whip and Bologna rolled up in a tortilla

graham crackers with butter spread on it.

Parmesan flavor pasta-Roni and I pour a ton of Heinz 57 sauce all over it

Mac n Cheese (blue box) with mayonnaise and salsa

chopped olive sandwich. Chopped olive with mayo on bread.

Honey wheat bagel, toasted, peanut butter spread on than relish on top.

hot cheetos dipped in milk

rice cakes with liquid butter spray and ketchup

lays potato chips in vanilla or peach yogurt

deep fried shrimp covered in a Cap n crunch breading and topped with marmalade sauce.

green olives and pineapple on pizza

grilled cheese sandwich dipped in canned peach juice.

spaghetti sandwich

Crackers and bananas

Rice, sour cream and bananas

Triscuits and put a small thin layer of Miracle Whip

mac n cheese and chili! And Mtn Dew pancakes

toast, strawberry jam and cheddar cheese

cool ranch Doritos with spaghetti-o-s

peanut butter and jelly with liver worst and mustard

green onion wrapped in cream cheese and shredded cheese stuck to the outside

hot dogs cut in half, with mashed potatoes and cheese on top.

blend cream cheese & a can of pineapple & dip plain potatoes chips

jello with mayo

Thumbnail Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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