TEXT TOPIC: What big life mistake did you make?

got married. Not unhappy but not happy either. Have a ten yr old daughter. Only part that's fulfilling

4 yrs ago today made the mistake of marrying a repeated cheater. He cheated the whole marriage. Hopefully will be divorced soon

I made the horrible mistake of quitting gymnastics when I was in junior high. I was really really good, but it was taking over my social life. With having practice 4-5 hours a day. But I should have stuck with it. My passion for it has never gone away.

In high school a bunch of us threw eggs off of a viaduct on the freeway hitting cars. We thought that was so funny at the time.. but I''m sure there were some cars that got damaged. #Dumbstupidteens

My mistake was having the same BF from Jr. High-HS and after. I turned down dates/dances/friendships! I missed out on a lot. I should have slutted it up!!!!

One of my mistakes was not making one of my best friends one of my bridesmaids because my sister said I had too many, I had 6. She had 10.

married a guy I had only known for 3 months. Seemed like a good idea at the time... It was a complete train wreck, married for 14 months. Lived together for only 8 of those months. Definitely learned my lesson!!

my sons father and I would cheat on each other back and forth and I regret that. we were so childish and those mistakes still haunt us today

Bringing my ex-girlfriend home from Iowa. Way to soon. And she was sooo not ready.

Stopped playing soccer in 9th grade & now have become very lazy & live a sedentary life style. Soccer was fun & kept me active & helped with my T1 diabetes but now I struggle to stay active... biggest mistake ever!

could have graduated high school with an associate's degree but wanted to work. I'm 24and really struggling to go back to school now

hard my son circumcised. I had gut feeling I should do it but to follow the norm I went with it. My son has had so many problems from it. Now has to have a revision. I beat my self up all the time over this.

listened to the advice given to me to just focus on my generals when I first started college. Because of that its taken me longer to get my degree

10 yrs ago @ age 23 I lost my husband. I was warned that fraudsters might prey on me for the life insurance. I was young & paranoid so I didn’t invest it, buy property or anything. Such a waste

had the chance to go to Europe for $500 in high school with my art history class. Didn't grasp what a steal that was.

biggest mistake, moved to Chicago for the now XBF. Resulted in loosing custody of my kid. Yrs l8r I did get custody back.

my mistake happened yesterday. I had a patient unhappy with my provider and I thought it as best to tell the provider. Well I think I didn''t say wellenough and I''m worried I hurt his feelings.

Julia Roberts wanted to hire me as her nanny. I didn't go through with it based on "prior obligations" What the heck 18 yr old me. You stupid!!

regret breaking up with my son''s dad when I got pregnant. Our son is 9 and his dad is married now. We have a great relationship but I regret not trying to make it work as a family.

made the mistake of continuing to date a guy even after I found out I was the side chick & Because I was in love but of course ended up with my heart broken. But now I''m happily engaged and he''s balding and still lives at home with his parents. I win!

made the mistake of giving my husband a credit card. $50000 later and it's still growing.

mistakes are having fun in the moment and racking credit cards up. Our son got cancer and put us in the hole- been living with my parents for almost a year so we can pay off debt.

6 year relationship that ended up with her cheating with my cousin and a coworker

regret putting my job and career first to climb the ladder and make a difference for the company only to be discarded by them after 22 years. Missed my brothers wedding, traveled on anniversaries and birthdays, etc.

paying medical bills with a cc. Terribly idea. Interest rates killed me and I paid twice as much in the end

mistake 20 years ago, graduated from Stevens-Henager with a diploma. 4 more months and I'd have had my associates degree

not going to college and staying in nursing. I make good money now, but could be making a lot more.

Took test to be air traffic controller, passed, but made mistake of not following thru and having that job. Could be retired now in my late 40's..

regret not maintaining my relationship with my adult children

Lost everything to a heroin addiction. got it all back and 3 years sober now.

getting married 12 years ago. I haven't had sex in almost 5 years with no kids.

regret marriage. He cheated on me the entire marriage, even on the night of my bachelorette party

not having enough courage to ask out that one girl that could of change my life as whole instead of just settling!

My regret is moving out to early and screwing up the relationship with my mom. Its all good now but still paying for it

DEBT! I''m so tired of paying credit card debt. I started the Dave Ramsey plan and I''m just over $2k from being paid off. Should be paid off by the end of August.

my mistake was not taking school as serious as I should have. Returning to school at 42 is no picnic, times have changed and so has the education standards

lived in Mexico for my ex for 6 months who was abusive and cheated on me the whole time I didn't know Spanish and ended up filing bankruptcy because from it

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