TEXT TOPIC: Who's the enabler in your family?

mom in law her daughter is mid 30 married 5 kids and won't move out she just lets them stay rent free

mom in law w/ her boys. She creates a budget, buys them clothes, grocery shops, schedules Dr & hair appointments. They're in their 30s

My Aunt is the enabler. Her son was addicted to drugs, and she would always give him money when he asked. She would kick him out, and then bring him back in

I’ve worked really hard losing 60 lbs diet & exercise & my 21 daughter will bring home Chips, treats or my favorite drink & she’ll say here mom I got you something

the person that stands out is my mom because she loves me

my mother and sister enable each other. My sister does no wrong in my mother's eye and vice versa. My mother doesn't make my sister work and she is 28.

my mother in law. She enables ANYONE she can. Especially my husband. She makes people, mainly men, think they can’t take care of themselves and will manipulate them to make it so they have to rely on her and never grow up! Reason my hubby now is almost 30 and can’t hold a job or do anything for that matter. Because of it, I hate my mother in law and we don’t communicate at all.

I am with my sister when she doesn't have a job I get on her about it and my mom just sticks up for her and believes her excuse

My husbands mom!! His sister is almost 30 yrs old, has a son and STILL lives with her parents. She won't move out. Why when mommy does everything for her:

my step grandma makes excuses for my druggie uncle who can''t hold a job because he can''t pass a drug test and who has never left the house. He''s thecrazy one in the fam and it''s everyone else''s fault he''s that way.

aunt has 4 adult kids age 28-35 all still living @home rent free

My husband. All of his adult children still rely on him. We can never move.

Family member sold their house. Then walked into my 80 year old grandmas house. WITHOUT ASKING. Showed up one day. Rent free.

my aunt is 66yrs old and has never moved out of her parents home! She's retired and still living with her mom!

wife's uncle. Bails out his kids all the time with everything but then comes down on everyone else for helping out their own family

grandma of her druggie 50 yr old daughter AND 30 yr old druggie granddaughter. Does their laundry, gives $, tons of stuff

Sis in-law is getting married soon and her fiances mom told them not to worry because if his account drops below a certain point she will add $ to the acct

my mom with my 3 siblings besides me. I have a good job and they are in their 20s and unemployed ( their choice )she is okay with them living their rent free but me and husband have to pay (we are trying to get our own place in September) we just got married a few weeks ago lay off

my aunt is the enabler! All three of her children live at her house WITH THEIR CHILDREN and have lived there for several years. They are all 45+

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