TEXT TOPIC: What is your MOST embarrassing moment?

I was in the 6th grade giving a book report presentation and suddenly got my period all over my white shorts. Everyone pointed and laughed. I ran out of the room saying " it’s paint ". After that embarrassing moment I rarely get embarrassed as nothing can top that

my first yard sale, Fri morning hanging signs down Heber main. I was running across the crosswalk in front of McDonald's and ate shizzz. Everyone saw

at a pool party I ran into the sliding screen door, didn't see it obvi, broke the door, fell and had a HUGE bruise and scrape on my leg.

When I was 9 my family of 9 siblings went on a vacation. While we were swimming in the pool at the hotel. I thought I had to fart. Nope. I over trusted my fart and I let out a bunch of brown little floaters in the pool. I’m the youngest and know one thinks it was me.

take this to my grave. So I was using A public restroom when I see this big wasp swarming around my face and all around me. so I tried to get out as fast as I could. didn’t make it. I tripped around my pants around my ankles. and bust open the stall door. so there I lay half naked on a public restroom floor

had a spelling error on my resume. I applied for Several jobs without noticing. When I did find out I updated all resume application. I was scheduled for an interview and was like "please have the correct resume." Nope they didn’t! I hoped they didn’t notice. They did lol! Resume was supposed to say "at the end of my shift" instead it said "at the end of my shiz."

was walking around with my skirt pulled up without noticing. My slip caught the bottom

our teacher had us say how many we got wrong on our paper. I got every one wrong... in front of the new kid!

7th grade health class teacher was talking about an awkward topic, crush sat behind me and I trumpet farted REALLY LOUD!!!

was getting a ct scan at the u of u and was too sick to walk so I was in a wheel chair. There was a hallway full of students where I was. I started getting dizzy and was telling the students I didn’t feel right , next thing I know I passed out. Woke up a couple min later with about 20 students around me. The worst part is when I passed out I peed all over myself and the floor. Soooo embarrassing. I tried telling everyone it was sweat

took a nap on the couch, unhooked my bra woke up went to the store, ran into so many people I knew. As I walked in the house I looked in the big mirror by the front door and notice my bra had worked it''s way out of my shirt and was sitting proudly below my chin. That''s what happens when your not well endowed. You just don''t notice

I was signing in class to learn the sign for duck. Instead I signed f*ck. The poor deaf girl and her teacher had no words. MORTIFIED!

My best friend sent a link to a group text before clicking on the link. The link was actually a bait and switch with a horrible male pornographic picture. He didn t know until after text was sent. Best part it was a church group text.

Ran into the glass door and broke it at the Zion's bank in Logan.

Was walking back from bathroom at baseball game. Foul ball hit pavement and then hit me in forehead .Mom asked if it hit me. I said no. Starting crying when we sat down.

9th grade, had a cold, my crush made me laugh, blew HUGE snot bubble out my nose. He still knows me as the girl who blew snot. I'm 35.

talking 2 my boss noticed a hair on her face grabbed it 2pull it off didn't realize it was attached to her chin. I was so embarrassed!

when I first started dating my current girlfriend she hopped on me ticking me I was squirming telling her to stop I let out the loudest/wet sounding fart she laughed at me the whole night

was 8 months pregnant and was at Walmart. On my way to the restroom and the baby kicked me in the bladder. Gushed all over the floor. So embarrassed so I just left it and ran home in terror

was in second grade and we were reading a book I laughed to hard and farted and for a whole month no one would sit next to me for story time

was in my 4th grade spelling bee. As kids began to lose and walk off the stage, the remaking kids would have to move over on the chairs to be closer to center. So there was maybe 4 kids left, including me, and when the kid next to me missed his word and I had to slide over onto his old seat... I realized he had peed his pants onto the seat and I sat right in it... the entire crowd saw me jump up with pee soaked pants! I had to explain it wasn’t me for weeks!

had an elementary teacher bring me to the front of the classroom and started yelling at me and telling at the whole classroom how she cannot believe they allowed someone so stupid into a school and that I will never learn and I would just a waste of space. I was crying the whole time while they laughed at me

Finally got a date with my huge crush in H.S. went to school dance was so excited that I ran to tell some friends ... while running I slipped on the floor in front of entire dance.. I was made fun of for a little while. Including my date who couldn''t stop laughing.

In HS, the darkroom, split my pants in front of everyone. So embarrassing. Luckily my sis came to the rescue with a new pair.

one day I left the house without my shorts on. I am haunted by that daily.

my junior year in high school I peed my pants in front of my entire class of over 300 people. I was sitting in a blue chair. No one would sit in a blue chair the rest of the school year.

Working in a Congressional office and a blind person came in to advocate. As we waited I made small talk and asked her "have you been able to see much of DC?"

I was 16, I really liked this girl so I blurted out "you're hot" right in front of her brother, at their house for a Christian athletes meeting

when I was 22 went to Ireland got arrested for being to drunk and urinated outside the pub had to use all the money to bail out mom doesn't know yikes

so I was in the 3rd grade. And we were doing some game or lesson as a whole class. And we cleared the desks and made partners (I partnered with my best friend) and we all sat in a big circle. And out of no where this huge giant fart ripps out of me. Everyone goes dead silent. And my friend scoots as far away as she can

Took a hit off a cigarette at a bar and and passed out briefly and fell and got up and fell again and will never go back or tell anyone. I had scrapes and a raspberry on my nose

studying in college library, forgot where I was and let out a loud massive fart. Worst looks ever

went to a trade show and as a man came by I reached out for a hand shake. He had his arm behind his back and kind of just nodded at me. I kept my hand out there and when he brought his arm around he was missing his hand and had a hook. It was so uncomfortable I didn''t Know what to do so I grabbed his hook and starting to shake it. Worst professional experience ever

My friend''s parents picked a bunch of us up from the movies in middle school. I started my period and it got all over their light covered seats. Itried to bite my finger and make it bleed so I could say it was that. Still terribly embarrassed 17 years later.

my son had recently joined a karate dojo, he was sparring with a beautiful girl... she had really long black curly hair beautiful diamond earrings gorgeous eyelashes.... turned out it was a boy! His mom was sitting next to me when I called him a girl... made a huge scene and acted so offended.... even my son had no idea he was sparring with a boy ..... so embarrassing

not me my mom her widowed s-i-l asked her what she thought about this guy my mom said he's so ugly s-i-l said we're getting married oops

once showed up to a Halloween party in full costume... a day early. Then I had to see them again the next day at the actual party.

have been dancing my whole life. I was trying out for the jazz dancers it was my groups turn to do our tryout dance and I completely spaced the dance and made my whole group all mess up too... they let us try again and I was so mortified I couldn’t remember it again... I was sooo embarrassed.

had the missionaries over (first time meeting them). One of them sounded like he had an accent. I kept trying guess what accent it was. I noticed he got uncomfortable. Later I found out he had a speech impediment. I''m an idiot

was breast feeding my son at work and my consultation walkedin so I went out to talk to them and realized part way thru the consult that my boob was still hanging out of my tank top

was in a different country and didn’t speak the local language well. I saw some candies at the grocery store check out and asked the cashier which flavor was best.... she wouldn’t tell me. I asked again and she said said "the strawberry is my favorite but a condom is a condom.

When I was 16 I picked up what I thought was a prank call on a landline & swore at the caller for about 30 sec straight. I was later confronted by my mom who had also picked & heard the whole thing. Come to find out it was my grandpa messing with me & they both heard my immature rant.

was biggie boarding on a beach in Northern California and the wave sucked me under. When I finally figured out what was up and I stood up, my bathing suit top came down under my boobs. They were COMPLETELY out. Bro in law saw everything!

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