TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

Stop using the Next door app 2 ask cops 2 ticket NE1 who parks in front of ur house. The street is public parking u walnut, its .not ur legally rightful spot

friend, please stop saying you will be there, and never show up.

Grrr! U made me feel guilty @ the gas station because u barely speak English & ur wife is carrying ur hot sleeping child, so I put $30 of gas in ur van. Then 2 days later, I see you panhandling w/ the same kid outside of Walmart. Pissed I got duped & pissed ur using ur kid to guilt people 2 give money. Get a damn job!

You first general manager. You are nasty, worthless and needs to be disposed of. By far the worst worker at the location. #lazy

your lack of planning isn’t my fault. If you cared about your kids, you would optimize your time with them instead of trying to take mine. Step up and be a better mom.

I've told you how many times not to take your keys and now look where we are

are we together? Are we not? While you waste time thinking just know I'm out dating other people!!

passive aggressive is not attractive. If you don't want to talk just say it. BTW, I can tell when you've seen my text on messenger.

if I don’t want to answer my text please don’t text my husband and daughter to see if I got your text. We all don’t feel like talking at this time. Were on vacation enjoying ourselves not dealing with you garbage and your family garbage.. thanks.

Utah drivers stop doing your makeup while driving how good can it look

Your son is not the parent or your significant other!! Stop treating him like he is!

you're almost 30, stop mooching off our parents and get a job.

Just because YOU think you are hot does not mean you can flirt with every guy in sight, including my husband.

I am finally Vindicated. I told you this was a losing game. Repo does not look good on you honey. I am finally One Step Closer out of your life

declaring your undying love for me, sleeping with me once, ghosting me, then marrying someone with my same name makes you the fool not me...

There is no reason for you to pound on your keyboard when you type. Were not in a race to type, nobody cares how fast you can type. You don’t need to talk so loud, were in an office use your inside voice

sometimes I wish you had a filter and wouldn't embarrass me in public. Think before you speak lady!

Ever sense you’ve been back from your mission, you were so caring and nice. Now you are your old bossy, snobby, selfish self and it’s no wonder you’re single

I see you, license plate F89 driving in the carpool lane with a baseball cap draped over the head rest of your passenger seat!

coworker I see you staring at my monitors seeing what I am doing every time you walk by my office worry about your own job.

it's frustrating when everyone comes to me about your job. Your the boss for 2 years learn your job.

Don't tell me you're going to take care of me on the app if you're not going to tip me. Lyft/Uber Driver

put your phone down and pay attention to your son he just wants your affection. Be a dad!

waking up to 14 novels you sent me throughout the night was a little ridiculous considering all I did was post a picture on social media, get over it, I''ve apologized already, there''s nothing more I can do

when you stick and people have told you please get out my Bubble I don't want to stink like you

Coworker - you called in sick for 4 months all but 4 days. Now you're going on vacation on Wednesday? We are tired of covering your a$$

you only got hired here because you're the boss's favorite's sibling. Good luck making friends.

dear brother-in-law stop showing us everything you get we don''t care about hearing what your in-laws are doing we don''t care that you got new toys we don''t care how much money you make We don''t care that your wife makes $1000 doing hair in one weekend!! It gets old shut up!!!!

Do U really need to take 3-20 min. Poops everyday? At 20 years old, you shouldn't be doing this. Go see a doctor or get off your phone GROSS!

Why don't you get your ass to work like you're supposed to. I know we don't have a boss technically but stop being lazy AF. We know you lie on your time

Bring ur dogs in for the pm so neighbors can sleep. If you continue your 1/2assed ownership, invest in a bark collar. A yr+ of crappy sleep is poo

you are the worst team lead ever stop doing drugs at work

You & your siblings say "family is everything" yet your family has NEVER contacted me to see our child & YOU haven''t either. It''s okay cause I''m both a mom & a dad & MY family will ALWAYS be here for our child.

we don't care if you're sick during your pregnancy you chose that keep it yourself and stop complaining all the time

we were only married a year. I filed 7 months ago. Let me have my life back and let this divorce be done.

you treat your employees like poop. You favor certain people. We all have lives and need a day off once in awhile. Not giving us days off for important things like family member surgery is or something else that is important is why you cannot keep anybody

hey husband, just because I work for a school and have the summer off doesn't mean I don't work at home taking care of your kids all day, having dinner for

STOP talking with your mouth full of food! We are in a small office with 4 people in it, please be respectful! And please stop answering the phone with your mouth full! So gross!

dear boss. I''m working my ads off. You''re short with me for no reason. You say I''m messing up the flow of patient check ins but then you say there isno specific flow. That it''s learned. If it''s learned, be patient. And give me an answer instead of making me feel like I suck.

declaring your undying love for me, sleeping with me once, ghosting me, then marrying someone with my same name makes you the fool not me..

you every night, doing your laundry, cleaning your house, etc. your schedule is not more important than mine and I'm sick of you acting like it is

bro, if you can't set your pride aside to come to grandmas funeral, I don't know how I'll ever forgive you.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence don't stick your **** in the dirt! Fix your marriage.

You're not a "single mother" you're single and live off child support! Time to give up modeling and get a job you're not 20 anymore.

to my landlord, you suck a week with out ac and we are dying while you sit in your central air house, screw u can we say slumlord. We have said overand over again it''s broken!

mother in law, you dont get to be upset about the relationship you have with us when you can''t even be bothered to remember what is going on with usor care. Your narcissism is showing again

We are at a restaurant. I am eating. If you blow your nose one more time, I am going to wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze the life out ofyou. How disgusting and rude can a person be?

I fired you over a month ago please quit calling and harassing my other workers to get your job back

Dear Sister, I hate your husband. Get rid of him!!

get off your lazy ads and go to work I can't support you to

put the drinks down and bring ur kids and dog inside bc they're in the road honey

just because you're my mom doesn't mean you're entitled to be in my delivery room. Loose the high school attitude.

your the worst brother your 26 years old and still mooch of mom AND GRANDMA grow the hell up

Hey Mr I build America how about you stop bragging about howmanly you are and be a Dad for once!!!?

Don't call my kids a bully, when yours has tormented mine for years!!!

quit trying to give me parenting advice with our child when you haven't called or spoken to our child since 17 June!

stop alienating people at work. Just because you have it easy doesn't mean we all work hard. Sleeping with the boss doesn't count

I''m a good enough next door neighbor to borrow the church key from for the wedding lunch but not good enough to be invited to the reception in your backyard. Why? We figured what was going on. We are next door after all

You expect me to act like your wife but where's my ring?!

You were a horrible, disgusting person before, the cancer doesn’t change that.

your kids are a white trash hot mess. No one wants to hear about them screwing up for the thousandth time. #quitbailingthemout

I don''t want to hang out with you when I get home from work because you get home an hour before me and you do not clean the house you''re on your game all the time from 4 to 12. I''m tired of taking care of your grown baby self get an action or I''m about to leave you

So, I had my passive aggressive about poop boy in the bathroom. Yeah, he missed it. HE WAS IN THE BATHROOM! #ITRIED!

stop bringing up that I'm related to a higher up, I work hard, get pushed harder & a lot is expected from me, it's not easy

Quit treating your wife and kids like it’s a burden to care about them. Your wife is an incredible mom including working 60 plus hours while pregnant because you weren’t working.

dear Utah driver please check your blinker fluid is probably low since your not using them.

Hey there office Biatch, I type loud and talk loud to annoy the hell out of you, plug your ears like the rest of us do when you talk!

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