TEXT TOPIC: What is a turn off on a dating profile?

shirtless pics. You're a douche

If it says there a truck driver it is a no for me I believe all truck driver are nasty and hook up with girls in every state they go lol

If they have a Snapchat doggy filter photo it's an automatic nope for me. Not romantically interested in animals.

worst dating profile eeek: obvious crop of a significant other from a photo

Guys w/ cats, only 1 picture, all pics with sunglasses or hats on, all group pics, shirtless pics, gym pics, no bio on profile, if i can tell they didn’t even read my bio.

If they mention video games as a hobby, I like the honesty, but think, how much time do you play them every day?

When every picture is them doing something outside like hiking, boating, swimming, running races. That's too active. Don't you just veg sometimes

If there are no smiling pictures, I don't think they are fun guys. Seriously, how hard is it to smile in a picture?

Guys way older or way younger than me, swingers and married guys looking to "just have fun!"

Anyone who puts DTF in bio. I'm out.

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