TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Grocery Store

worked in bakery once and nothing is made there. Its all made in a warehouse.

work in the grocery business for over 20 years in the meat department and the hamburger is not 85% lean it’s all the same and it’s not the grade they say just sayin

The more rude you are to our employees the less likely we are to give you what you want! We have enough business, we don''t need you! Bye Felicia

friend used to shoot the birds in the back after hours so they wouldn't get in to the main part of the store.

Theft is rampant. Anything without a bar code is pretty much free for the taking.

the produce at higher end grocery stores comes from the same distributor as Walmart and winco. Don't pay more for the same thing

friend worked at grocery and would stick fingers in produce of difficult customer

worked at a grocery store for 2 years while going to school and my boss would do anything to save a buck. Repackaging brownies that had fallen on the floor, changing the expiration date of meat in the freezer he forgot about, and more.

chances are if we’re being overly nice to you while you’re shopping, we think you’re shoplifting. We are not allowed to do anything except "aggressive kindness."

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