TEXT TOPIC: What is your advice for this couple?

What is your advice for this couple? She wants to know the sex of the baby and he doesn't :/ 

my sister never found out, her husband always did and kept it secret. 5 kids

once the husband can carry an alien in his uterus for 10 months, then he can decide to decide. Pregnancy sucks! She should be able to know what she’s carrying if she wants to.

dude, give her her way. She's carrying your child, it's 100 degrees outside and she's probably freaking miserable!

The mother gets to carry the baby and have so many experiences that the father doesn't. Give him this win, it will make him feel awesome!

I think they should compromise. The spouse that wants to know should find out while the other one waits until the baby is born

You tell him is your body and you're hormonal so peace out, don't come to drs apt and if slips then deal

sister didn't want to know the sex bro in law did so he found out and kept it a secret. He never slipped up and it was a surprise for my sister.

we're on #4 and I didn't want to know. Wife still found out but said she won't tell me. But I get to pick the name!

My husband and I were in the same situation. This was #7 for him and #2 for myself. He didnt want to know and I did. Let the poor prego do what she wants

We did that. I didn’t want to know, my husband did. The tech wrote it down and gave it to my husband. The deal was he had to act as of he didn’t know what we were having to the entire family. Only I knew he knew, and he was great at keeping the secret I was surprised and chose her name right away.

Husband and son wanted to know but I didn''t. Nurse wrote it on a paper for them. Deal was they wouldn’t tell me. Deal was they could shop for correct sex without me and had to hide it. Everything I did to prep was unisex. It worked great!

Hey guys this leo the husband that reach out to you guys about the dilemma of the gender of the baby . My wife actually won the battle and we a found out the gender last Thursday and we are having a baby girl . My wife is really happy about it and I’m also happy we found out Happy wife happy life

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